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Why do women fall for those total morons or creeps?

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Women find them more exciting and appealing as compared to those good guys who are predictable , boring and unassertive.

They become a challenge to women ,thinking that they can change them from their wild ways.

Those bad guys are more macho , assertive and they go straight for the kill. They don’t beat about the bush .They openly showed their intentions

They showed their intentions early and give clear signals what they wanted in the relationship.
They do not want to be viewed as a friend but as a boyfriend.

While those good guys take too long and are too timid to move on a higher level.The girls will assume that you are not interested in them and give you up.

In any early relationship , the girls would be able to to tell in a few seconds if the new boy is a ‘friend’s’ category or a ‘boyfriend’s’ category.

Once she has decided, then the boy who is in the friend’s category will find the going tough..

Some women secretly want to be laid so bad but are afraid to be called sluts and their self esteemed is increased when they are desired sexually .It brings out the women in them.

If you are going fishing , you will need to learn the rules of dating. You need to take risk and show that you are interested in her and not just for the friendship or you will be treated like a friend and nothing more.

Bad guys may reach the first base but it is the good guys who will roam home.

A woman is not without her senses .Eventually , she knows which is the one for her .

There are guys who are just for flirts and fun’s only and guys who can provide them a financially and emotionally secure environments.

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The most precious prize of all – a child.

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You maybe too busy to take notice about things around you . From morning till dawn , your life is like a clockwork routine everyday.

Work consumed the most part of your life and you are like a slave in the new world order.

The world is turning and revolving without stopping and days turns into nights and months into years.

Soon one day you will realize that you are no longer young. You see mothers with cute infants and kids and the realizations hits you .

You think you can have a child when you want because you could have anything you wanted in life through sheer hard work, a big house, an expensive car, a successful career ,an opulent lifestyle and all those rich trappings of life.

Nothings seems to be beyond your abilities.You think you can control your own destiny.

You read and hear stories of those stars who had children in their forties,actress Jane Seymour and model Iman both had children at 44, actress Mimi Rogers was 45, Susan Sarandon 46 and Holly Hunter 47.

What is sometimes not reported is a very high proportion of babies born to women in their 40’s are conceived using donated eggs from younger women.

You think it is possible to have babies in your forties and you would assume that you too will be capable of having your own baby when the time comes.

If you cannot , there is always the IVF process.Not everyone can afford this treatment . It is very expensive and only have a 13 % chances of success.

You may be healthy , look and feel young at your 40’s but your eggs have gone by their expired date.

The window of opportunity of having your own baby is so narrow that you are not able to squeeze through anymore.

All your plans of wanting to have a bigger and beautiful house, a successful career , a loving and understanding husband and the most prize of all ,a baby is now out of your reach.

Without a baby or motherhood, life seems to have lost it’s meanings. You often wonder about those mothers who devoted all their love and time taking care of their mentally challenged kids.

Don’t be too busy chasing financial independence or looking for the right and perfect man to come along.

Your most fertile time will not last forever and your chance to have a baby will be too late.

Many women would share her fate because they do not look at the big picture. They are just like those lemmings rushing over the cliff and into the sea.

You have no one to blame but yourself because you did not plan to have a baby in your most fertile period but rather settle for all those worldly desires first.

You wait and wait ……..

As a child, you received your mother’s love but sadly you will not be able to pass those love to your own child.

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s love is something
that no on can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish
and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
or take that love away . . .
It is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
even though the heart is breaking . . .
It believes beyond believing
when the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
of the rarest, brightest gems . . .
It is far beyond defining,
it defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret
like the mysteries of creation . . .
A many splendoured miracle
man cannot understand
And another wondrous evidence
of God’s tender guiding hand.

by Helen Steiner Rice.

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Have a baby before 35?

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“New evidence from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says it is increasingly difficult for women to become pregnant after the age of 35.”(dailymail.co.uk)

This isn’t exactly good news to many of those women who are 35 and still childless or unmarried.

It is an early warning to those who are near the age boundaries and that it pays to heed those warnings before it is too late. Don’t leave everything to chance or fate.

To be told that the chances of having your own babies after 35 is difficult is like taking apart of your life away.

This certain part of your life will never be fulfilled and you would not feel like a complete woman.

Many women left it too late and their lifelong dreams of becoming a mother to her pretty baby can only belong in the fantasy world. There is nothing more they can do anything about it unless they have plenty of money to burn by going for the IVF.

During her most fertile years, most women focus on her careers and social life and when they realized it is time to enjoy motherhood, they have gone by the expiry date.

By then ,it is not you who will decide if you want motherhood but mother nature.

If women does not want to miss the boat, they should have babies before 35 or they will risk missing out on motherhood.

The best age to have babies is from 20 to 35 and the younger the better. Older mothers may face infertility problems , higher risk of miscarriage and birth complications.Older mothers may also suffer from diabetes and preeclampsia,which can lead to blood clots and serious complications, or even death.

There is also the higher risk of deformities to the babies and other defects like Downs Syndrome .

Some women may go for IVF treatments which is very expensive .
Fertility treatment has a success rate of 31 per cent for women up to the mid-30s but drops to a mere 5 per cent for those 42 and over.

Recently a 66 year’s old woman ,Elizabeth Adeney became a mother through IVF.(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1182919/A-baby-66-desperate-divorcee-set-Britains-oldest-mother.html).She gave birth to a 5lbs 3 oz boy and both are doing fine.

She was desperate for a child. She is a wealthy business women and could afford the IVF process. For those who could not afford it , they would have to resign to their fates.

Due to the technological advance in science, women can have pregnancies even when they do not produce any eggs.

The fertilized donor egg is impregnated into her womb by the IVF method. If it is not possible, the fertilized eggs can be impregnated into a surrogate mum.

The oldest woman in the world to give birth was 70-year-old Omkari Panwar from India, who had a twin boy and girl last year.

There are moral and ethical considerations of having a baby so late in life.It is her decision and we should not judge her. It is something which she yearns for and she got it.

I believed everything happens because God wills it to happen. In her case , she is blessed with a young life .

Some women can be under the impressions that they can have babies even after their 40’s.
We have read about those aging celebrities who are over 40’s ,like Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Madonna having children , But what was not reported was that they used a donor egg, or donor sperm (their husbands could be infertile)

You will have to decide if you want your own children or your career. Would you prefer material success or motherhood?

Which will give you more satisfaction and fulfillment as a woman ?

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Married to a Man and in Love with a Woman,

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Living Two Lives: Married to a Man and in Love with a Woman is an interesting book written by suburban mom Joanne Fleisher.

Some women have a secret life or living two life’s. They are struggling to come out of their closet and have no where to turn to .

They cannot get any help from their heterosexual friends who may not know anything about this issue or from the gay community because they don’t feel a part of that community yet.

It is harder for a women to come out and declare that she is gay and once she comes out in the open , the marriage will be under intense pressure and will not last.

More often than not , they will have to go separate ways .No matter how accommodating her husband is , he cannot fill the role of her lesbian lover.It is not about him but her.

For such couples, there are three choices. Stay in the marriage and remain unhappy, stay in the marriage and carry out an affair or let him go and live your own life.

Most would select the last choice. They can still be friends as they are still the parent of their children. They may have changed but the love for their children will remain the same.

Once ,they come out in the open with their decisions, a big weight is lifted off from their shoulders. They are now free and unshackled from their chains. They will find their life peaceful and serene and will not be troubled anymore with their guilt .

Being gay can be a problem in some parts of the world or where the society cannot accept this concept. Even Christians are divided about gays.

I do not think that we should discriminate against gay Christians but to accept them whatever their sexual preference are.

Who are we to judge them ?

We cannot change them and only God can. We should leave it to God . To ban them or to have nothing to do with them is wrong.

How much do you understand about gays ? Most probably zilch!

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Do women still link sex to love ?

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We have been told that generally women cannot have sex without love . How far is this true ?

Is it possible for a girl to have casual sex without any emotional attachments?

Can women compartmentalize sex like the men ? Can they separate sexual pleasures from a need of affection ,future commitments and emotional bondings?

It all depends on who she is , whether she is the loose and promiscuous type or the normal average Jane. We are excluding those hookers who sell sex for money.

Initially , she may think that having casual sex without the love is fun and exciting but after sometime , she will be in conflict with her inner self .

Like those young men who sow their wild oats, she will be crazy after she is aware of her sexuality. There is a time for that but later on , she will find it is no more fun.

She wants to be serious and only have sex with someone whom she likes and loves .

How could you go out with someone you don’t like and let alone have sex with him ?

She must have sufficient attraction or fondness or receive emotional signals from the men before it can trigger her sexual response.

Sex without love is no more acceptable to her. She is now aware of the power of her sex and the merits it can received.

Sex is linked to love to enjoy the closeness and the bonds between them. Without love , sex is just an empty thing and she could feel being used, dirty or cheap. She is wired to think that way.

Women want to be loved and desired.They need the little attentions and approvals from the men. A man who listens ,cares and show their compassion’s and love for them.

Those men need to have those qualities before it can ignite and turn their flame on.

Since men and women are wired differently ,sexual arousal of women seems to be about the emotionals, whereas men are visuals.

Women want a romantic and affectionate relationship with men and the love life cannot be handled the business like way as in the career path .

Many women may fare well in their careers but when it comes to their love life’s,they will flop

Sex is still linked to love. It is their social conditioning and the battle need to be fought in her mind.

Yeah! She can be physically aroused if you press her right buttons,but it does not mean that she is truly interested in sex or enjoy it.

If he wants to have sex with her , he will need to invest his time , energy and affections to make her feel secure and there is a possibility of emotional commitment and marriage.

Without any love and emotional involvements by him, she will feel emotionally depressed and negative feelings will make her feel being used , degraded ,humiliated and anger.

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Do women enjoy watching porn?

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If you go to the ‘Dear Cupid’ site, you will get the impression that many women in the U.K detest and are against the watching of porn by the men .

There are many types of porn but those women seemed to lump them all into one group . Child pornography is against the law in many countries .Watching them is not against the law but possession and distribution is against the law.

You can be fined or jailed or both for that offense. Child pornography is a vile and contemptuous crime because those young children are kidnapped,sexually abused and sometimes killed.

I received a terrible shock that some of those women may even report their fathers, brothers,sons, boyfriends, husbands to the police and brand them as paedophiles and have them arrested by the police and lock up in jail for simply watching porn on the computers.Maybe, this is not the real situation over there.
The fact that these women would go to that great length to incarcerate their men folks is astonishing to say the least.

Why are such women so extreme in their actions?It is just beyond my comprehensions. I cannot imagine sending anyone in my family to jail for watching porn on the PC.

Most males do watch porn in their lifetime and some do watch it on and off. It can be addictive and cause tensions and break ups in the relationships. Some men may even deny they ever watch porn in front of their girlfriends or wives. There are a lot of hypocrites in this world.

Porn is a taboo subject and people do not talk about it openly between the sexes. There are still those holier than thou types who would cast aspersions on your character and brand you a dirty sex fiend. They would avoid you like a plaque.

Not all females are against porn . There are those who are more open minded and enjoy watching some of those porns. Some do watch but will not admit it openly for fear of being branded a bad girl. Some watch porn alone or together with their girl friends which seems more fun and enjoyable.

If you are going to watch porn with your boyfriend together, be prepared that you will not be able to fight against tide. Your hands and your body will not obey your mind…LOL!

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The opt-out revolution.”

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There was a time when the lure of the family life preceded their careers in the office .

They have reached a watershed in their life’s.The impending decision will have a great impact in their future generations and the directions of the family .

To opt out of her career and to concentrate on being a full time mother to her kids.

Would it be a wise decision ?

Some lucky one’s had a choice to opt out while many others were forced to carry on with the burden of career and motherhood.

Women with children felt guilty pangs about their children and their inability to provide more love for them. The feelings of neglect can be over powering and gives her no peace.

Sometimes, they did not get the good quality care of those nannies who looked after their children.

A mother always knows what is best for her child.Letting her child grow up with some total stranger is not a good and viable options.

In the Malaysian context , most families hire maids from Indonesia and the Philippines. With stories of those abuses by those maids in the news, many mothers may have no choice but to opt out of work.

It is not cheap to hire maids and it might be as well to quit and look after one’s children.

Before it was only RM$4500.00 for the agent’s fee’s but now it has risen to RM$7500.00. On top of that , they have to feed , clothe and house them and pay them between RM450.00 to Rm550.00 per month .The middle class are badly affected.

For those newly weds living in the capital Kuala Lumpur or those big cities in Malaysia, having children is unfathomable unless by accident. One or two children is the norm for those who can afford children.

Some of them may even have to send their children back to their grandparents who reside in the rural or suburban’s districts.

They just could not afford to hire maids or nannies due to the high cost of living in those towns.

The child may not be close to her but instead to the nanny. At the back of her mind, she may feel ill at ease because her child may not receive the best mother’s love from those nannies who may abuse or ill treat her kids.

As a result , many women opt out of the work force to look after their kids full time.Some of them give up their lucrative ,high powered jobs and make big sacrifices in their careers to attend to the needs of their kids.

When their kids are grown up and flies away , the call to return to their careers tugs at their hearts. It will be a difficult decision .

The urge and the objective of staying as a full time wife and mother is no more there.

The world has changed and they may find that they have to start all over again . The opportunities to go back can be limited because of the current depressions.

Many firms are downsizing and few are employing . They also have to deal with their age and sexual bias.

Those working mothers will have to weight the pro’s and the con’s carefully because if they opt out, it will be difficult to go back .

If their kids grow up to be successful and well rounded, their sacrifices would not be in vain.

If their kids grow up and become rebels , all their efforts would be down the gutter.

Everything is fated and you will have to accept your destiny.

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Smart bra -grows and changes shape according to your body heat.

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Previously , when you needed to know if she was frisky or not , you could see her perky nipples jutting out through her bra and clothes.

You do not need any smart bra but only a pair of very keen eyes. LOL!

Not every women have perky nipples .
Today, with the technological advances in science, those smart Alex’s have invented the smart memory bra so that it gets more exciting in their boob watching activities.

The smart bra would automatically squeeze your boobs and make it stand out like some magic spell.

It will not make your boobs inflate like a balloon nor changes it’s shapes into some bizarre form but it will create a cleavage out of nowhere or deepens and enhanced it if you have one.

Will it cast it’s spell on the man ? You got to try it and see the effects.

Those men may experience a sudden sea sickness afflicting them and will inexplicably speak Gibberish . LOL!

Hope it does not malfunction and popped it out like those bread toasters or squeeze your boobs like a some kind of nut cracker.

You will have to wear a low cut dress otherwise wearing such a bra would be a waste.

There is no escape and those who want to wear this bra will not be able to hide their feelings anymore and it will be brazenly displayed like those sexy adverts.

The men will not have to figure out or scratch their heads in confusions whether she likes him or not. One more problem solved.

If he see’s your cleavage growing like the Hulk , he will know he is on the right path.

It enhances the cleavage and gives it a boost when it detects a rise in the body temperature.

I wonder if the heat from exercise or from the sun will not have the same effects ?

When you meet a great guy and gets attracted to him , your body goes into the hot and frisky mode and your smart memory bra will increase your spot light and there may be a tremor and his knees goes jelly or shaking uncontrollably.

The bra was unveiled at a Paris lingerie exhibition and will be on in Britain this summer, priced around £30.

What say you ? Dare to try ?

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A woman’s internal conflicts.

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The modern day women have been liberated from the shackles of the old feudal system and is allowed and free to choose her own destiny.

All bias and prejudices were removed and they were given the same rights as the men in those develop countries.
Women were no more chained to the kitchen or imprisoned in their own homes.

This freedom to choose her path to live the life she wants have given her a lot of headaches and heartaches. They are now playing the twin roles of a woman and a man and it is causing them undue strains , dissatisfaction and pain .

They are unhappy about their twin roles and this has caused them internal conflicts which paralyzed them and probably ulcers in their stomachs.

They have attained success in many fields but many of these single minded career women had to give up a family life and those that had a family life , found it lacking and unsatisfactory or unfulfilled due to their busy and heavy schedules.

Many of these new generations of career women would have to decide for a successful working life or to have a happy family or to juggle their life as best as they can.

How do you judge the success of a woman? Is it by her achievements or job or is it being the good wife and mother to her kids.

What exactly is a woman’s role in the modern society?

The traditional feminine roles and lifestyles have evolved and women today found that they not only have to excel in their work but also as a good wife and mother.

The traditional roles and stereotyping of a woman and her expectations are quite deeply rooted in our society. Though women have made amazing advancements through the ages,the men are still lacking behind.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom , it is all about perceptions and if you are happy and contented with the multi roles you are playing now , you should carry on and not bend yourself over somebody’s perceptions of an idealistic and successful woman.

Be happy ,for you only live once.

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Why would any woman risk everything for an affair ?

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Some women want it all, to have the cake and eat it but there are other women who have no intentions to cheat but cannot prevent themselves from being swept away by the emotional tidal waves beyond their control.

They love their family and children and it is out of desperation that drove them over to the dark world of deceit ,lies and emotional turmoils.

There are many reasons why a woman would risk everything for an affair. She could be feeling neglected, unappreciated ,low self esteem, ignored or taken for granted  She could be feeling lonely, lack of intimacy and love.

When she does not get it in the marriage, she is driven to seek it outside of her marriage.  Her wants and needs for intimacy are not being fulfilled and she will justify and rationalize her thoughts  and lessen the guilt of the affair. Her rational thoughts goes out of the window and she becomes incapable of seeing the truth  until it is too late.

It will eventually be discovered and the consequences will be fatal to the marriage and even if they can stay together , it will never be the same again.

If you are thinking of having an affair, it can be a very dangerous road to travel.  If your husband had an affair , what would you do or how would you feel?

If you think you are missing something in your marriage, you should discuss it with your partner or rekindle those love or fall in love again. See him from another woman’s perspective and not to take him for granted. If you both work at it , he will try to accommodate your wants and needs. Give your marriage another chance .

The problem is ,many women cannot articulate their needs to their spouse and expect the men to read their minds. They fall for those Casanova’s like some ignorant teenagers and when their charms vaporized somewhere down the road, they will regret their actions.

Do be rational and nothing good will ever come out of an affair. Do not destroy everything you have built up for some self centered and insane desires.

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