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You’ll never understand why I hurt so much.

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It is too late now. My heart is cold and my love for you is dead . When I needed your love, you poured scorn and hot coals over my head and all over my body.

Why is this happening to me ? Why do I have to walk through this burning inferno when you should be leading me on the path to the Garden of Eden?

You have deceived me and I now realized that you are the devil in disguise.

I am your beloved wife but you sadly failed to love, to cherish and to protect me.

You not only did not lift a hand to protect me from your piranha kins but you also took part in the attack frenzy.

My heart is no more and there are no more tears. The trauma will take a long time to heal.

I have to be strong for my daughter’s sake and be there for her . She is the reason that I am still living.Without her, there is no more meanings in my life.

It was a very grave mistake due to my youthful idealism and I paid dearly for it .

I have never been treated like this before and you opened my eyes and taught me the dark side of life.

I gave my all to you .Hoping that we will have a happy and blessed life. We were just too young and green and did not understand what love is all about.

Many teenage marriages faced tremendous pressures and the in laws problem.

Much is expected from them but who can blame them when they cannot fulfill their in laws wishes. They are still young and inexperienced.

Enough is enough and she was forced to leave him and begin a new life.
The man realized his mistakes but it will take a lot to convince her to come back to him. Only time will tell if they can be united again.

When a woman’s heart has turned cold or changed, it is very difficult for her to change her path.

Being their parents, you should always support them , help them and gives them encouragements .

God brings two people together in marriage and let no one let them asunder.

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Guys should call – Not ?

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After a perfect first date and you bid each other goodbye for the perfect and enjoyable evening, you exchange your telephone numbers and he said he will call or text you.

This may be the last time you will hear from him again or if lady luck smiles on you ,you may carry on baiting and leading him into your parlour like the spider seducing the fly.

He may call but in many cases , the phone never rings and you are forlornly waiting for him to call you.

Why does he not call when he promised you ?

The most probable reasons is that they are not into you and have no wish to continue further. You are terminated!

It could be just politeness on his part to say he will call when he has no intentions of calling you . He does not want to disappoint you for a wonderful evening .

In the next few days, your life will be like a roller coaster with your emotions swinging from one side to the other.

You will replay those past actions in your mind and analyze and reanalyze where you did wrong or what you said could have offended him.

You would be anxiously and eagerly hoping for the phone to ring and hear his voice again.

If he is interested in you he would call you up the next day to thank you for that wonderful and enjoyable evening and may send you a second invite.

It is not difficult to call you and say thank you for that date . If he cannot do a thing as simple as that, he is not worth your attention .

Think of that date as though you went to watch a wonderful but sad movie and move on.

This is a woman’s problem. Woman are more gullible and tend to believe every word a man tells them. They should believe action speaks louder than words.

When a man comes a wooing, he will utter many meaningless phrases which is meaningless to him but knows that it is music to her ears.

He knows that he is lying and speaking half truths . He is not bothered about his methods as long as he obtained the results he desired.

He is like a car salesman trying to sell you a car or a beautiful dream and can promise you Heaven and Earth before the sale.

He knows what are the effects of those words on her and will use it to the hilt. He learned from his past experiences and mistakes and polished them to perfection.

If you want to judge a man , judge not his flowery prose or what comes out of his sweet lips but by his deeds and how much pain he can endure in his pocket.

The more a person can sweet talk , the more you will have to beware that the sweetness mask the bitter toxic poison that lies underneath.

Beware the flatterer. For flatters can open many doors.

Some women lives by certain rules or etiquette .All rules are man made and there is no hard and fast rules.

For some women , if the man does not call after the 3rd or 4th day , they will bin them and will remain aloof or cold when and if they call her again.

This is payback time for those mental tortures which they inflicted on themselves.

Some women may just make a call or text and leave it like that. If he does not respond, then it is the end of the dream.There is no point in spamming his phone because you would appear desperate and cheap.Most women would rather not call him and want him to call first.

The men are perplexed and don’t know what hit them. Men and women have different perspectives. They do not think and see alike. That is the grave mistake many men and women do not realize.

If you are meant to be together again , you will overcome this barrier

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Sex slave to dad and brother !

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A 13-year-old Malaysian girl claimed that she had been a sex slave to the father ,42 and brother ,15 for the last four years.

How come the mother does not know anything at all or was she an accomplice or fearful of her husband wrath’s.

Surely there are tell tale signs when the daughter is undergoing through those traumas. Either she is blind or she purportedly ignored her daughter’s cries.

She failed in her duty as a parent to protect her daughter from those low life creatures. Now , she must suffer those consequences for her inaction.

If this is true,it is indeed a very sad day for humanity. Her very own father and brother who is supposed to protect her ,violated her sanctity and honour and treated her with total disdain and contempt .

It is a very shameful , cowardly and disgraceful act perpetrated on a very young and innocent child .Those perpetrators are really sick in their minds .

This brings to mind the most vile case that happened in Austria.

A 73-year-old Austrian man,Josef Fritzl has confessed to imprisoning his daughter in a windowless cellar for 24 years and fathering her seven children.(

Why do these men commit the most foul,perverse and dastardly acts on their own children?

According to some psychologist, it could be attributed to the abuse they suffered when they were a child and they became emotional handicaps and developed personality disorders and serious sexual disorders.

When they grew up, they followed in their parents tradition as it was a normal practice for them. Abuse begets abuse.

Are they humans or beastly creatures of the lowest order ? Yeah! Low life creatures that is even below those wild animals .

These low life creatures should be locked up for good and the keys thrown into the deepest ocean.

They have committed incest and have destroyed their children’s future.

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Right of gays to marry.

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Marriage is a universal and acceptable concept of the union of a man and a woman.Why is this the only valid and conceptual interpretation acceptable of a marriage?

Who decides what is right or wrong ?Does the church or those religious authorities hold sway over all those who are not followers of their religion?

Many religions recognize this concept and frown upon or outlaw gay marriage between the same sex.

Even in Christianity , there are those who are against gay’s or gay marriages and there are those who thinks it is not against that religion. This has split the church in many parts of the world.

In many countries , it is against the law for gays to get married.Even in the most develop or first country like the USA, only three states allow and recognize gay marriages

On May 17, 2004 Massachusetts became the first U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage. The other states that followed was Vermont and Iowa while California reverted back to banning gay marriages.

There are some states which recognized gay marriages from another state but does not allow gay marriages in their state.

Social progress through the ages have evolved into a different norm .Gay marriages are occurring more often and their basic rights are recognized by some of the governments in the world. It is discriminatory to ban them because of their sexual preferences.

Though as a Christian , I think they have a right to their way of life. God did not make me a judge nor the custodian of their souls. Who am I to tell them that they are wrong ? We cannot dictate to others what is right or wrong .To each his own.

Believe whatever you want for all of us are answerable to the Almighty God on judgment day.

Some Christian cannons propagated by the church was found to be wrong after 20 or 30 years down the road.

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Over fat people cause of global warming ?

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Are you fat, obese or overweight? If you are, it is not only bad for your health but you are also contributing to the problem of global warming..LOL!

What the heck is that !

It means that the ice at the North and South poles are melting and the water in the oceans are rising and getting warmer.

What has that got to do with fat people?

Fat people eat more and the demand for meat increases. That means more cows and more cows mean more toxic methane gas.

In India, some people dig a well and dump all those cow dungs into the well to produce methane gas to use for cooking.

There are some drug addicts who snort those fresh cow dungs to get high from the methane gas.

If you are fat, movements could be laborious and you would prefer to ride in a car . More cars means more emissions.

Being slim is better for your health and environments. That is easily said than done.

It looks like fat people are being blamed for this global warming phenomenon. Many will just shrug it off as some mad scientist who have nothing better to do .

Is there really any truth in that ?There are some who still believe that it is not caused by man.

Whether you want to believe it or not , the world’s temperatures has been rising caused by those CO2 and other greenhouse gas effects.

Al Gore, the former VP of the USA is the champion of global warming and got a Nobel prize for it.In some places, it seems to get colder.How do you explain that ?

.Recently the weather here is unbelievably hot and you need to sleep with the air con on or in your birthday suit.

Make sure that you don’t allow your b/f’s to take pictures while you are sleeping naked.

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Become beautiful without spending a fortune.

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever ~ John Keats.

Being beautiful is every girl’s dream.Some would spend a fortune to make themselves beautiful but true beauty does not come from those things that you adorn or apply on your external self. They are only temporary ,artificial or synthetic and does not last. This kind of beauty is only skin deep.

My mother used to tell me that true beauty comes from the inside. It is what you eat that will make you beautiful.

I do agree with her but it is not only what you eat but your right attitude towards life.

Having the right attitude is a prerequisite and if you want your beauty to last , you will need to find your own spirituality.

The spirit can be restless if it does not communicate with it’s maker. Those who know the Lord, have natural joys and beauty in their eyes and faces .

No matter how plain looking she is , she will have those beauty that radiates out from her inside.

Her eyes are shining and lively as compared to those who have dull ,sad and lack luster eyes.

As we travel through life’s journey on this Earth, it is like being on a long train journey and we see visions of stages of our life passing by like a movie .

In the course of our life’s journey we pick up many baggage’s and if we don’t know how to jettison or throw them away , we will be burdened and creak under the heavy weight of those baggage’s and life would be a big struggle.

How can we feel free and happy when you lug all those useless baggage’s with you and wear yourself down?

Why not just cast them away, for you do not need them like two heavy stones tied around your neck ?

Be free like a bird and soar high in the sky like those eagles. Let go of those pains and hurts and learn to forgive . Unforgiveness is a great sin.
To make mistakes is only human
and to forgive is divine.

You need to cast away those burdens and let Jesus carry it for you.Have trust and faith in Him that He will lead you to the right way.

Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it. (Confucius)
When you have no love, you see things just as they are, a black and white world.

It is only when you love someone truly that you see the beauty in that person and even if she is without an arm , an eye or a leg, you will still see the beauty in her.

For you see, beauty is not real, for beauty only exists in perception.

Beauty is when you look into a woman’s eyes and see what is in her heart.

Everyone is beautiful and you don’t have to spend a fortune to chase those beauty that does not last.

Smile always because a smile is always pleasing and beautiful.

Just be who you are , warts and all! Let God into your heart and see the transformation from a plain Jane into an angel.

You may not feel beautiful or loved but there is one person who will always love you . He will love you forever come what may.

The fountain of beauty is in your heart,keep it pure, simple and clean.

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The height of lunacy ?

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If you eat ,snack, drink ,map-reading or listening to loud music , laughing aloud ,tuning your radio, changing CD’s or arguing with your passengers while driving on the road, you would be fined £60 on-the-spot fine and you would have to pay a hefty 40% increase in your insurance coverage.

You may even be blacklisted and cannot get coverage for your car insurance.

The authorities may even use helicopters and smart cars with hidden cameras to catch you and mail the fines to you. My sympathies to those who live there and cannot escape the law. Those drivers there will have to play a cat and mouse game with those authorities.

This is termed as careless driving without due care and attention in that country.

In order to reduce fatal accidents due to carelessness and human errors, they have resorted to such drastic methods.

I hope my country will not copy such extreme measures or we will all die!

What about driving with only one hand? I know there are some who drives with one hand on the steering wheel while the other hand is placed on the arm rest.Does it mean that we have to have both hands on the steering wheels?

This is lunacy of the highest order! If this law were to apply over here, then 99% of the drivers would be fined or banned from driving ..LOL!

Those traffic police will have a bonanza time filling in their pockets instead of issuing them summons for those offenses.

If you are thirsty or hungry while driving , you cannot eat or stop by the side of the highway because that would be an offense unless it is in specific rest stops .

Would it not be more dangerous when the mind is always thinking of water or food than concentrating on the highway?

The traffic police can issue you a fine on the slightest reason and many people just pay up because going to court can be a hassle.

The authorities want to make that country the safest road in the world. The speed limits has also been reduced from 30mph(48kmh) to 20mph(32kmh) in certain places.

With today’s modern powerful cars with built in safety features, it is madness to drive that slow on the road.

Furthermore the road is so straight that boredom or sleepiness may set in when you drive at such slow speed.

That stretch of road is a money making enterprise for the state. Many will break the speed limits and have to pay a fine.

We should ban the car and go back to the horse and carriage era or only allow the cars that can only go at 20mph..LOL!

If the cars don’t get banned, most drivers would lose their driving license from such strict enforcements of the law and will not be able to drive again.

Maybe we should all ride the bicycle or tricycle if we don’t want to contribute to the finances of the state.

Count your blessing ,we have some sane and pragmatic lawmakers .

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Should a guy pay on the first date?

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If a guy asked a girl out on a first date, he should pay. Period!

What if a girl asked a guy out? She should pay but if the guy offers to pay and insisted on paying, she should allow him after some token resistance.

There is no point in hurting his fragile feelings to score a point. Be gracious and give him the honour.

Sometimes, who ever pays first does not matter ,it could be due to circumstances.

The waiter could accept his payment first since he is by his side and she should not feel uncomfortable about it.

There are times when it matters if the guy does not pay. It will be the end of that relationship.

In some traditional Asian societies, it reflects badly on the man if the woman pays directly to the waiter. They would usually hand the money over to the man to pay up.

The Chinese would rush to pay the bill first and sometimes, it can be a comedy when the other side also compete to pay first. It is about face saving.

Most men would gladly pay on the first date because they want to impress the girls.

It Is also gentlemanly to do that. It shows his good upbringing and class.

Most females are ingrained into them by their upbringings to accept this practice .

Some of them have the opinion that if the guys want to enjoy their company , they will have to fete them.

There are some modern day liberated women or hard line feminists who would insist on splitting the bill as they would feel offended and do not want to feel obligated to them.

Depending on where they will take them , it would indirectly tell her how
much she is valued in his eyes.

If the relationship becomes long term, then she should offer to pay according to her abilities .

Love will overcome all obstacles and one should not be too calculative or measure love only by the financial means but by the intangible gifts .

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Do you sleep together or apart after marriage?

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If you are newly married, sleeping apart is out of question and you won’t even give birth to that horrible idea.

That preposition will become stillborn in your head.It would be crazy not to sleep together or intimately with each other .

What would your partner think of you if you insist on sleeping separately ?

In the beginning ,it is the honeymoon period and everything will be just fine .
You will find that you have great compassion’s and willingness to forgive and tolerate whatever misgivings that emanates from your loving partner.

A few years down the road, many couples may find that a good night sleep is much more important than the intimacy in the relationship.

If you cannot get a good night’s sleep, your health and well being will be affected, you will be stressed out, irritable, haggard and terrible looking and this will also affect your performance at work and home.

You might become one of those millions of walking zombie’s or like those packed rats that scurry here and there in the modern city!

In the present world, many are over worked , over stressed and over utilized that sleep and rest is of paramount important.

Men and women are different physically, biologically and psychologically.

They do not react the same to the same surroundings. Women are programmed to be light sleepers and their brains multi task even when their bodies are sleeping.

One may feel warm , while the other is cold. One may like to turn on the fan while the other cannot stand those breezes.

One may want to open the windows while the other is against the droughts.

Sometimes, there are wandering hands which just creeps all over your body like some bugs or reptiles and disturbing your peaceful and serene sleep.

It can be difficult to find the middle ground and sleeping separately seems to be the best solution.It is just getting a good night’s sleep and there is no ulterior or hidden motive.

You would want your wife to have a good night’s sleep after a very hard day at the office as she would be completely recharged, replenished ,chirpy and happy the next day.

Otherwise, you will get one kind of helluva old hag who would make sure that your life would be as miserable as can be.

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Cohabitation VS Marriage

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Are you for it or against it ? What are the benefits or disadvantages of cohabitation.

Personally, I think cohabitation is only good up to a certain point and if it is prolonged then it becomes disadvantage to the women.

She could be cheated of her youth, money and time in this unfruitful venture.

In the long run ,she may be left high and dry when those men get tired of them and seek new pastures .

In the end , she may just remain a kept woman and nothing more.

After all, there is nothing to prevent those men from leaving when they want or like, unlike a marriage which has legal obligations when they are divorced.

A man not tied down by marriage legally is like a ship with no anchor and can drift when there is a storm or the current changes.

Today , there are many couples who cohabit out of necessity due to many reasons.

Some of them even had children and when you have reached that milestone in your life, getting legally married does not seem appealing to those men.

They are already enjoying their married life minus the legal implications of a marriage.

If you can eat your cake for free , why pay for it ?

Many may think it is a good idea or wise to cohabit first to know more about the other person before marriage.There is less risks of divorce or being trapped in an unhappy marriage.

This way, they may just walk away from each without all those legal complications .

This union can never be strong without the marriage bond as they do not feel the responsibilities and commitments like in a legal marriage.

Marriage is not a bed of roses and there will always be frictions. The marriage status is like a glue that holds them together and it is a strong bond and not easily broken.

When you do not have that kind of bond , your relationship will not be strong and stable.

Cohabitation is not a substitute to marriage. A strong and committed marriage brings more benefits and rewards,your health, happiness, and financial security.

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