She Flashed You The Famous Sign..

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What are you going to do? Flashed her back! Poke out your tongue at her and then smile…LOL! A small incident only but why get so worked up till your blood boil! Is it because she is a woman and you want to be macho?She maybe the Taiko’s wife or mistress or daughter and you will be in trouble..LOL!

If that driver is another burly guy, you would shrivel in your pants. We only read your version of the incident. We need to know her side for a balance view. It could be possible that you are the harasser or the more dangerous of the two because of your road rage.

If you are a woman driver and you see another car is chasing after you ,  what is on your mind? You may think it is a sex fiend who may rape you or a car thief who would rob you of your car.

On the road, you meet many kinds of driver. Sometimes, people make mistakes, you are not perfect too. You may curse the other driver and then move on but to horn her is expecting a reaction. You got it. You over reacted and you should consider yourself lucky , you were not hurt or landed in the hospital for your uncalled for actions.

If people showed you their fingers and if it is from a woman, just smile back.. LOL!

Why go and teach those morons and find fault with them?You bring it on yourself. Now , you have no peace and cannot sleep well. It will affect your life and your family.

When people throw hot potato at you , you throw them back...

Hey! You are not the king of the road just because you drive a mercs and you are not Judge Dredd!


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