Is Sex A Duty Or A Chore ?

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1 Corinthians 7 : 3  

The husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs, and the wife should fulfill her husband’s needs.   (New Living Translation Bible )

Married couples have the responsibility of caring for each other.Therefore , husbands and wives should not withhold from each other but should fulfill each others needs and desires.

A leading female therapist said that women should learn to say yes in the bedroom for their health and happiness in their marriage.I would agree with her.

A woman who deny this duty to her husband is asking for troubles . He will probably look for it from another woman be it a hooker or  someone who thinks highly of him and are willing to go all the way .

Sex is very important to a man just as love is very important to a woman.Marriage is about ,I scratch your back and you scratch mine. If I got an itch down there, I need your help and only you can make that itch go away.You can then expect your husband to give relief to where you itch.

Many women have achieved success in many fields  and they become selfish and want to control everything.If they are highly successful in their careers ,  they have little or no time to play games in the bedroom.The word compromise is never in their vocabulary.

They somewhat feel disdainful, contempt and beneath their dignity to have sex with their spouse.They become used to being served and not the other way around.

She becomes more conceited and smug about her success and will tend to ignore his request until she discovered that he had an affair or wanted a divorce.

Many women after a divorce regretted their decisions not  to compromise with their spouse over this sex issue  and think that it is their body and it only belongs to them.

They used their body as a mean to their ends When they have achieved their ambitions , they closed their door and deny their spouse or dont find any pleasure but a chore and it kills the desires in men.

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4 Responses to “Is Sex A Duty Or A Chore ?”

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Where do we draw the line between can or cannot? When a man has a problem getting an erection, but remediable with, say, the Viagra, will that be categorized under “can” or “cannot”?

When a woman has just lost her child in a freak accident and has totally no mood for sex; she can’t even enjoy the act; yet she is physically capable of the act, how do we categorize that?

But what you say is very true. Indeed “it is very easy to profess ideals, but in reality, it is not an easy thing.”

This is what I think (based on my 15-year marriage):

Sex is but ONE of MANY factors in a healthy relationship between husbands and wifes. I am convinced that many divorces were the result of factors OTHER than sex. Yet, it is strange that the “sex factor” is often conveniently singled out for scrutiny.

Laura1318:I think , most of the sexual problems are with the men’s unfulfilled needs and not the women ,though they are the cause of the men’s problems.LOL!. There are few women who are nymphomaniacs who want excessive sex. I think the viagra man is not an issue because if it is a problem ,he won’t be taking viagra.

If a women is frigid or find it painful to have sex due to psychological or bad experiences,then the husband should be more understanding.

I am sure if a women is healthy and no sign of any sickness but refused sex on some flimsy reasons, then this woman is the one we are talking about.

Divorce can be on many grounds, incompatible, adultery, non consummation of the marriage, mental torture, money etc. But sex and money are usually the major reasons….

Sex should neither be a duty nor a chore. And the bible is that last authority on this issue! There are so many inconsistencies in the bible, I wouldn’t rely on the bible on something like this!

One has to remember that both men and women are creatures with moods. It is just impossible to click all the time — that they will both feel like having sex at the same time all the time. To a certain extent, it is possible that one party will “sacrifice” to carry out his or her duty so that the partner will be sexually happy or satisfied. But that can’t happen all the time.

Sexual deprivation is a lousy excuse to find another woman. If you really love your spouse, then you must learn to understand him or her. Finding another person is the last solution. When that other person also runs out of steam some day, what then? Simply look for another?

What happens when a man develops a problem achieving erection and can no longer perform his “duty”; and the spouse expects sex on a daily basis. Would it be fair to say that she has the right to find another man?

Laura1318; Thank you for your input. You have raise a few pertinent points .The main thrust of the post is what if they can but wont.If they cannot , then it is understandable .We are only human and if you get rejected a few times, you wont know what is gonna happen. It can be very frustrating and this frustration may eat inside of them and cause them to stray.Theoritically , it is easy to profess ideals but in reality, it is not an easy thing.

Great post.

There is a common idea among many in the western world that sexual frequency should be dictated by the least interested partner. While sex should never be forced, it is not simply a duty or a chore, it’s a gift hopefully given and enjoyed in love.

My two cents.

Laura1318: Man are known for higher sexual awareness and women are passive partners. They should compromise and meet half way and not always on the women’s terms.

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