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Your brain is like the hard disk in your pc. After sometime, you need to defrag and clear away those temporary files or to declutter and delete those unwanted files away and to repair any bad sectors in your brain. Then you need to install a beautiful screen saver and homepage.

How do you declutter your brain?  There are 15 ways to declutter your brain.  You can follow the Some may call it the Zen way but mostly it is common sense. Women need to declutter more often as they multi task more and tend to overload their brains. Their hard disk is susceptible to Trojan horses and viruses.

One of the viruses is worry virus.  They tend to worry about everything and duplicate the files and then they don’t have enough space in their hard disk to think of other things. They cannot pay attention to other important things when they are affected by the worry virus. It can even make them sick.

In life, there are problems. A life without problems is not challenging. We need to look at problems from a different perspective.. We should not worry about those problems. It will be solved sooner or later. If you cannot solve it in a day, just let it heal by father time.

It takes time to heal all problems.  Don’t make one week into one day.  If it takes a week or a year, it will require that time. You cannot fast track the answers to your problems unless the conditions are right.

If you know how to handle your worries, anger and emotions, you will not clutter your brains. Learn to let go. It is not easy but with God’s help, you will be able to let go of your hurts and anger. Don’t store those unpleasant episodes into our memory.  We may not forget them but if we let go of the hurt, it will not give us the pain anymore.

Think positive and you will attract the positive. Do not always think of the negative, for anything negative is from the devil. You don’t have to accept the negative thoughts that entered your mind. It is like the birds flying over your head. If you let those negative thoughts into your mind is akin to letting those birds build their nests on your head .

Don’t let any negative thoughts to fester in your brain.

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.


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