Accountant By Day Social Escort By Night.

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The night job is more lucrative than the day job and it is more fun during the night. It is a pleasure cum job, which can be richly rewarding but can be also down the road of no return if you go too far down the slope. There is no long term prospects in this job because as they get older, they become less attractive and not in demand.

The name may sound more superior and decent than those hookers but there is a very thin red line which separates these two careers. They are like twins .You can be slowly drawn to the other side when your senses become dull and money becomes an object.

Four women graduates have decided to take the plunged into this murky and ritzy world. A graduates pay is not enough and the job is too boring. More graduate women are being drawn into this glitz world like the ants to honey. They could earn in excess of 10K a month and tax free. Then, there are the perks, expensive restaurants, foreign travels and expensive gifts from satisfied customers.

Not everyone can be like them; they need to have a certain prerequisites, attractive, well groomed and intellectually stimulating. The cream of the society and they command a very high price for their services, $500.00 an hour. This would ensure their clients are only the wealthy who are well behaved, respectable, and professional and not rogues.

Their main duties were to accompany their overseas companions on sightseeing trips and attend cocktails and dinner functions. And the only skill she required was the ability to communicate well. They were like trophies, to be paraded and be seen with the man.

There are risks in this job. If the clients are violent or bent on having sex with them with or without their consents, they will be at their mercy. Their clients could be someone whom they know or related and it would be very embarrassing.

The job is not socially or morally accepted in the society as it connotes prostitution, whether you did or did not sleep with the client is immaterial. You may not care about what other’s think because you are intoxicated with the generous income from this career. The lure of money or materialism overrides all your other concerns.

For now, those girls are blinded by materialism and the short term gains but when they are stricken with aids or those STD’s, it will be too late. Or the stigma which follows them wherever they go and their relationships may suffer.

A social escort is just another name for a high class prostitute for both sell their services for money.
A prostitute sells sex minus the frills while a social escorts throws in the sex ala carte.

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