If Your Man Looks At Porns Or Pictures Of Naked Women…

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Each and everyone of us will have to deal with this situation sometime in our life . There are some women who can accept this situation while there are some who have zero tolerance level and completely against it and break up with their man over this incident through their lack of maturity or inexperience. There are others who do not know what to do.

Some women go to the extremes when it comes to a relationship. These are the militant women where their views are ‘porn degrades all women’. They will not accept the man if they look at porn or pictures of naked women . For them , it is grave sin or a serious form of cheating.

Even while masturbating , the men cannot think of other women except them. These women not only want to control what the men can do but also what their brains want to think. This is ludicrous.

Even the very act of masturbating is loathsome to some women as they will feel that they are not beautiful enough to warrant sex with them. Is something wrong with her or why do the men need to jack off himself when he has her? This is what perplexs her.

It can cause them great anguish , anger and resentment on their partners. In extreme cases, they may even separate or divorce because of this fact .

It does not matter about the other good qualities of the man. It is like demanding a 100% perfect man. I hope they will be able to find their kind of men in this world who do not look at porn or ogle at other women .What kind of men do not look at porn or ogle at other women? It seems that they can look at other men or women while they find it offensive when their men look at other women.

There is no hard and fast rule about watching porn . It is up to the two of them to compromise and if they cannot, then there will be a parting of ways.

Sometimes , it is not the porn watching that is the point of contention but the lying and trust issues. Some men lied to their partners that they will stop but carried on behind their backs and get caught. They leave traces of history on the computer or their stacks or pornographic DVD’s and magazines.

Most guys do watch porn or pictures of naked women in their youth whenever the opportunities arise.Some of them carry on this activities until their ripe old age. Some may carry on discreetly after they have married as they know some of their wives would be angry and hurt .

The men are expected to give up this activity once they are married or do it discreetly. In the Western world , especially with the younger generations , quite a  majority of the girls have zero tolerance of their man watching porn or pictures of naked women. You can feel it from the many questions from the ‘Dear Cupid ‘ site. You can go there by clicking on the link on the right hand sidebar on this page.

Women are wired differently from men and they do personalize almost everything. It is never good to argue with any women because she will most of the time take it personally and not about the issues alone. She seems not to be able to see the differences. It is about issues and not about her personality.

A man watching porn maybe a straight forward virtual sexual stimulations to jack off and nothing more to him . But women look at this issue from a personal point of view and consider this as outright cheating and comparing her self with those young and hot porn stars and thereby feeling inadequate and insecure . For these low self esteemed and no confident women, it is unacceptable and either the man must choose her or stop this activity.

In the UK, you can be surprised that the women there will not hesitate to report to the police if their own fathers, grandfathers, husbands or brothers and sons watch porn or child porn and send them to prison. Apparently , it is very serious matter over there to warrant such an action by those women.

Would you send your male relatives to prison just because he watches porn online or download them into his computer?

It is against the law to distribute and possess child pornography in many countries. You can be fined or jailed or both.

I do not condone child pornography. Just because a person viewed it out of curiosity , he should not be branded a paedophile. This is not the same as a person who downloaded tons of child pornography on to his computer or distribute it .

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13 Responses to “If Your Man Looks At Porns Or Pictures Of Naked Women…”

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I do not have a problem if my fiance watches porn but masturbating after he told me he does not do that, he has denied it everytime and told me he does that to get tips for our sex life and it effect our sex life a lot because he watches porn everyday at work even infront of the TV while we are watching and when he drives to work and we do not have a sex loife any more

I understand what I read above. I believe it is my own insecurities that make me feel bad about this. I am crying as I write this. The women that my fiance’ looks at are younger and prettier than I could ever be. I have had a C section and I cannot afford the cosmetic surgery. My breast have never been perky….I love my fiance’ so much and when we make love, I give it my all. Is he making love to me, thinking of me or of one of the women he has viewed? I know that he loves me and is so sweet and good to me. Yet, I feel jealous of these women. He has a friend he texts and dated once before we met. She is married now. That even bothers me. Writing about this, actually helps me. My tears have stopped and I know that I am the one. I cannot control his thoughts and his actions. I love him and I must be concerned about what matters. He does!!!!! I know that I have his heart and He has mine. It has been 21 months since we met. 3 months, since the engagement. All I can say now is thank you God for someone who finally cares whether I am happy or not, accepts my idiocynrecies (spelling?). All of those women are not intimate. He would die for me and I for him. That is all that matters…I hope my comment helps someone who is hurting. Jealousy feeds and destroys a great relationship. I am going to work on my own inner self, so I can be the best wife for my wonderful, generous, special sweetheart. I love it when he looks into my eyes and says, “I love you, okay?”

Well you are quite clearly a male, not a man(a man is more dignified, ask me I know, my father is a man, a gentleman, who never brought this evil into our home), but a male who watches a lot of porn. Selfish and self centered. You all make excuses ‘but that’s how we are wired’ and ‘ we get more aroused then woman’ Nice try! Bottom line is, most of you are lier’s, who have no self control and obviously no respect for the opposite sex let alone your partners. I think its about time Men grew up! and Its about time society put a stop to this. You wonder why there is so much rape, and divorce out there, when there are idiots like you around. Its no different to a drug addict, they start on the mild stuff and then where does that lead??????? Do you think that the desire is going to end in the computer room, what happens when the pictures are not enough? Use your head and have some self respect. How easily ‘ child pornography’ is even brought up in your ranting, shame on you.
In fact go to church! Maybe you will learn something. Why am I even wasting my time on you, I have better things to do.

Speaking as a male who has been in a relationship with a woman who was VIOLENTLY anti masturbation I can provide some insight. Firstly she seemed to be anti masturbation due to religious reasons but also a profound lack of self esteem. She thought it was cheating despite it not being interactive in any way. Just pictures or videos of porn no “Cybering” or anything like that. As for why a male would masturbate when he could have sex instead? In my case it’s simple. Sex for me is a fairly intensive thing that takes a while and has a very high focus on getting my partner off. Sometimes however I just want to get off really quickly and go to bed. I would never consider having sex with my girlfriend just to get off quickly so a swift jerk is the answer. That way I don’t use her or waste her time and I don’t have to be creative. A quick wank and ready for bed.

Am i a bisexual boy?

Plz somebody answer me by my email…. Himangsumazumder@gmail.com

I am boy but i like male for sex. Is this a problem?

It isn`t so much the picture viewing, it is the comments he leaves for the women on their profiles. He wants them to communicate with him and that is where the line is crossed. A relationship with a woman online based on her personal naked photos.

I am a sexy man Like to join with a very sexy & very old lady.

Well, wemon love attention from men… Do you mind if your wife masterbates online? so other men can watch? We are programmed to like the attention….It should not cause problems in the marriage. We still love our husbands!!! Funny it’s so different when turned around.

im only asking question, because my husband he is watching naked woman in the dvd during we not sex or i had menstruation, its is something wrong with my husband or he dont like me that why he watching a naked woman? plz send me and answer now or in my email add, thanks

Laura1318:- There is nothing wrong with your husband. Watching porn when you are not available for sex is just a sexual outlet for him.

It has got nothing to do with you at all. It is just a man’s habit of his even before he married you. He needs sexual stimulation’s for his fantasy’s.

You should not worry too much because the men does not think that way.

I don’t think women have to deal with the sex urge as much as men. Really, it’s a nuisance that has to be taken care of on a regular basis. Having a relationship for sex will quickly teach men that they better had control of them desires before they let a woman control it by standing in the way of it.

Porn helps.

Laura1318 :-It is those testosterone’s that is the cause or those sexual feelings.

Hello Dear.
I came across your profile and I will like us to have a good relationship and to know much better .my name is Gift Nelson i am single and never marriage.I will wait for your reply . please contact me at this my email address (Gift10026@ yahoo.com) so that i can send you my picture and more about myself. waiting to hear from you .

please i will be very happy if you can write me through this (Gift10026 @ yahoo.com)i believe we shall definitely have reason to love each other ,lets take a chance for a chance because there is no harm in tries,i can only promise you of my love ,with sweetest desiire.

Laura1318; Thanks for your post. I am happy as where I am and I do thank you for your offer of friendship.

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