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A Miraculous Prognosis .

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Someone who is not a doctor or has any medical training but who some how or rather felt the strong urge not give up on her intuitions and checked up on the internet to confirmed her prognosis.

Madeleine Robb diagnosed eye cancer (retinoblastoma ) in a baby she had never met after a chat-room pal emailed a photo of her daughter from America.
She spotted an unusual white shadow in one-year-old Rowan Santos’s eye.

Her friend took her baby to the doctors to check it out and it was confirmed that she had a large tumour in the left eye. One more week and the tumour could have hit her optic nerve.It is a miracle

How many of us would believe what our friends tell us. It is very lucky that she took the baby for a medical checkup or otherwise, the child would have being lost .If she had dismissed her friends message, I dread to think of the consequences.

The cancer was undetected during a medical and it only appeared from a photo and God works in mysterious ways. If the mother did not send a photo of her to her friend Madeleine, the cancer would not have been discovered until too late. Praise God !

Rowan is having chemotherapy and will lose her eye. But doctors say it could have been much worse if they were not aware of it.

Everything is providence and miracles happen.

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The Bigger The Family The Better …

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A new report concludes that children growing up in large families are happier and more successful.
Growing up in a big family is more fun and enjoyable than from a one or two child family.

In those days, people were not so fussy about their social status and there were not much distractions like those electronic and technological gizmo’s which kept everyone busy and when night falls there were not much entertainments and many parents entertained themselves resulting in the baby booms.

Today , speak about having children and many couples would shudder at the very thought of raising a child as it is quite expensive to support a child in the present times. They care about their social standards of living and having a child would lower their standards.

They felt that it was unfair to bring a child into this world because they cannot afford to give them the best .They have a wrong concept of life. Life is not about materialistic things.

As long as we can meet our basic needs like food and shelter ,we should be contented . If they chased after the asset trials, it will never end for they will want more and more and forget the real purpose of life.

With both parents working , they do not have the time or the resources to have children. Even if they want to have children , one or two would be all they asked. Anything more than that will be a disaster for them.

During our parents time, there were no such thoughts. The babies came year after year or after a short rest. There was no thought of contraceptions but to accept whatever was fated. In some religions , they believed that children are a blessings from God. In the Roman Catholic society , they are against contraception.

Those parents never had to think about money or whether they will have enough to eat or not. Some how or rather, there is always food at the table even though they may subsist on just gruel or just plain broth because of their poverty. They were happy even when they have so little material things.They wore tattered clothes or hand me downs and broken toys thrown away by those rich

As long as they have a roof over their heads and clothes to wear, it was normal living for them.

Today’s generations most probably come from a one or two family background and do not know what it is like living in a big family.

Most of the older generations or the parents of today’s teens grew up in a big family where more than 10 siblings are common.

There are always two sides of a coin but having a bigger family is more fun and more meaningful than a single child family. Children from a bigger family are more developed and balanced as they learned to live with each other at a very early age. They can develop better communicative and living skills. There are more benefits of having a larger family . There is the economy of scale and they only cost abit more.

You can survive because as a Christian, the Lord will bless you and your children and they will grow up anyhow whether you are poor or rich.

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‘It’s Not Where You Live, It’s HOW You Live’,

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She is a 52 year old single mom ,Julie Oke ,who had to bring up 7 children on her own ,four of them are quadruplets, two boys and two girls. The quads have secured places at Manchester University, Goldsmiths, Queen Mary University of London and Cambridge. This is a testament of her hard work,will and her philosophies in life.

Today, many married couples are foregoing having children or they can only afford one or two. Raising one kid is too much work for them and cost too much in the present world.The rich are having fewer kids while the poor are breeding like rabbits.

Her eldest son is a doctor , a daughter is a nurse and another son is a lawyer. They would be able to contribute to her finances or otherwise it would be impossible to attain what they have today.

I have personally seen those families who are deprived ,having a very hard life but their children all grew up to become professionals . It is their environment which made them worked harder and study harder to better their living standards.

On the other end, those children from well to do families became just mediocre, and lack the interest to worked harder as they could enjoy all the trappings of a good life which money can buy.

There was no incentive for them to worked harder but rather they started enjoying those material things at an earlier age.Some of them got engaged into those harmful activity like drugs abuse.

Their parents could afford to send them to the universities even though they were not inclined or disinterested in studying. This is only my generalization and there are smart children from the rich too.

Being a single parent is tough ,let alone raising 7 kids. She did not ask for any help or depended on state benefits. She sacrifice and worked hard and her burden was very heavy and today she reaped the success from her sacrifices,blood , sweet and tears.

Compared it to a certain country where the people expected handouts from the government and they are not ashamed to receive those aids. They became a clutch to them and were like a disabled person .

I too came from a very poor family and my eldest brother did well to bring us all up. My father was only a lowly lorry driver and my mom had to wash other people’s clothes all day and night to make ends meet. All of us stayed in a rented single room and that was all we could afford.

Being poor did not prevent my father from marrying a second wife and having another 6 children. That makes us a football team . LOL! The second wife passed away and the 6 children came over and resided with us.

Today ,there is a company executive, a dentist, an engineer , an accountant , a nurse and two businesswoman in my own family. Thanks God for His blessings.

I believed it is not about material things in this world but the lack of it that will spur us to greater heights. It is not what you have but what you do with that little that you have got.

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Graduates With Debts Aplenty

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Students starting university this autumn face graduating with debts of more than £20,000 for the first time, a survey has claimed.” Says The Daily Mail.

If they graduate from their course in the university, they will enter the main stream of society and either they will get out of this debt trap or to get mired deeper into the debt hole.

For those who failed and did not graduate ,I dread to think of the consequences. Their parents may have to take up the financial tab or they would be declared a bankrupt before they can even enter the threshold of their working life.

Those who graduated are not assured of a decent job. They are over qualified and some of those graduates used a lower certificate of education to apply for jobs. Some of them may not find any jobs and become burger sellers or being self employed. All their time and money comes to naught. They went for courses which had no economic value.

Some of the students found some part time work to help their living expenses .Some of the parents may have to sell their house or land to fund their children’s education abroad.All they worked for in their life is given up for the children’s education. It is a very high risk venture because anything could happen and the child may not graduate and all their life’s efforts and dreams will be down the drain.

Today , there are many loans and scholarships available for those students going for further studies. This has taken a load of the parent’s shoulders. Now, everyone can afford higher studies.

In a certain country , the places in the universities are alloted by a racial quota and those who did not secure a place in the university had to apply for further studies overseas in the UK, US, Canada or Australia.

It is very expensive and not everyone can afford to send their child to such universities. Most of them will have to depend on scholarships from those private companies and have to work for those companies for a number of years under the contract.

Sadly, a lot of those brain drain is happening to that country and the country does not bother about it .Other countries are taking in those intellectuals with glee. What a waste of human talents and that country is what it is today a backward, corrupted and plundered country, getting from bad to worse.

Education and degrees here is the passport to success in this part of the world. Education is not for knowledge sake and no one would spend all that money just to seek knowledge because going to the university is a very heavy investment for the future.

There are so many graduates that a country can produce and there are not enough jobs to go around .It is not surprising that some maids, servants , taxi drivers or bus drivers have a degree from the university.Some got their degrees in the unrelated fields and they ended up working for their own family business.

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08-08-08 Fatt! Fatt! Fatt! Rich! Rich! Rich!

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You will only see this auspicious and lucky number once in a 1000 years. The next time , this number will appear will be in the year 3008.

Well! Many of us will never be around to witness it again. I do not know if the world still exist or become a desolate place like the planet Mars.

888 is a very lucky number to those who are superstitious or believe in this auspicious number. To the Chinese people, especially the Cantonese speakers , the number when pronounced sounds like ‘Prosperity! Prosperity! Prosperity!’ To others it can also mean ,prosperity, health and good luck.(Fook, Loke, Choy in the Cantonese dialect .)

For the millions of people in this world, tomorrow is a very lucky day . I hope lady luck will smile on you and and you will receive showers of blessings .

The China Olympic games will start tomorrow and millions of couples will marry on this auspicious day. The opening ceremony will start at 8.08 pm.

In Malaysia, cars with number 8, 88, 888 , 8888 are open to tender to the highest bidder. All good numbers are up for balloting and this is another way the government can make money from those people.

Sometimes , the bidding for that number can cost more than the price of the car. It is crazy but those people believed that their luck would change when they have that number .

It is a superstition to some but in the Asian cultures especially the Chinese,it is very relevant and plays a bit part in their life or destiny.

Tomorrow will see many babies born  either by caesarean operations or induced.

Let me wished everyone 8 – 8- 8 and may you all be healthy and happy go lucky !

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Wife , Girlfriend Or Car ?

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Would you ditch your wife or g/f over a car ?

This is a poser to the men . How much do they value and appreciate their wives over their cars.? It can be shocking to the females that some men love their cars more than them.

They would not be able to understand why some men can love that stupid chunk of metal with four wheels that transport you here and there more than them. It cannot talk , cook or make love  like them.

It will not be any ordinary car but some expensive high end models like BMW or Merc or similar makes.Most men love their cars and to them it is like a second wife or mistress. They will dote on their car as it is their most prized possession and more valuable than their wife or g/f’s.

The females do not understand the deep attachment men have with their cars. It is an extension of his personality just like a home is the extension of the women’s personality.

Some men may prefer their cars over the wives or g/f’s. They would rather ditch their wives or g/f’s than give up their cars. They can always get a new wife or g/f but getting another car could take a much longer time and effort.

The car is a status symbol in this modern age . Having an expensive car shows that you have made it in this materialistic world . The expensive car has lots of features and gizmo’s . It is indeed a pleasure to own one of those branded cars and driving in one can give you much pleasure and ego.

Those cars have all those safety features and this is one of the attractive point in owning one. They are more comfortable and have lots of leg room.

Most females would judge a man by what car he drives. He would most likely impress the girl and get a date from her.

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Men Cannot Live without Women Or Women Cannot Live Without Men?

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Which do you think is correct ? It depends on where you stand on the great divide, cannot live without women or cannot live without men?

If you are single and unmarried, you maybe able to live without the opposite sex till you die. If you are in a married state, you would be in a better position to answer that question.

Can you live without your wife or can you live without your husband ?

What if suddenly your other half left you ? This is just a hypothetical question and it may make you realize and appreciate your other half while he is still with you.

To underline the truth we need to have the facts to prove the case.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that men who lose their lifelong partner often die soon afterwards. We are speaking of elderly men and not those young men who may remarry again.

The wife is usually the caregiver and takes care of the man and the home. Sometimes when the wife is away , the man may fall sick and it does happen. I do not know why but such occurrence is normal.

When she is gone ,the men will feel a great sense of loss and they are greatly affected. They do not know what to do and life seems like a big void. They give up as they miss their departed wife and they do not find any more meanings or purpose in their life.

They cannot live without the women who took care of them or were always there for them even when they argue or quarrel over anything and everything.

What then happens when the man is gone? She will miss him no doubt but she would feel that it is time for her to look after herself only and enjoy her life .

We have been told that marriage is good for your health and longevity. If you want to live longer and be happy , you should get married and settle down.

A real-life example became public last week when Sydney couple Marie and Frank Cotton, who had been married for 65 years, died within hours of each other.

Sometimes, we occasionally ask ourself , what is the purpose in our life? Why do I still exist in this world?

I am still living in this world simply because I want to see and play with my grandchildren and see them grow up .They are my sole reason that I still work and live in this world. This is my motivation and it keeps me happy and contented. When you are happy and contented, you will not feel the stress and the frustrations of everyday life.

Even though this present world is still a male dominated world or a patriarchal society ,the male of the species is being screwed by the 21st century women. The prevailing culture is to blame the men for all the ills of this world.

Today , women hold the cards as they bring home the bigger pay packet or the same as the men and have more say than their mothers in the marriage. Even some of the laws are bias towards the men in preference for the weaker sex.

Now, with the test tube babies, women can live without the men and a world without women would be a terrible and boring place .

There is off course , another option that men and women need each other to make life complete.

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Is Marrying In The twenties The Better Option?

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Who would not want to marry young if they have a choice ? If your parents are loaded and they foot all those bills, then falling in love and saying ‘I do!’ would be the most natural thing to do.

Many parents are not well off and most of us are unfortunately not in that class and we have to scrimped and saved for our big day to get to the church on time.

Getting married is not difficult but how to work at and maintaining the marriage is like walking across a mine field littered with booby traps . Some may not even see their potential spouse on the far horizons .

To these people , it is better not to talk about marriage as it seemed too distant to them, they do not even know where is the first base .

They will be like those who do not know how to swim but are thrown into the deep end of the pool to either learn to swim or drown . Most of them have no knowledge or little knowledge saved from looking at their parents examples of what or how to make the marriage work.

They only shared one common thing, their ideal dream , that is love and it is expected to see them trough all their difficulties. Love is the glue that make them stick together through thick and thin .

Their parents do not teach them how to be a good spouse and they have to find out through trials and errors. If only there was a university course or a marriage course to teach them what to expect in a marriage .

In the 70’s and 80’s many people married in the 20’s. Come the 2000 , many were not able to marry in the 20’s because of the changing times. By the time , they graduated from the university , they were already 26 and they need a few years to work to pay off their debts and the 30 barrier is just around the corner. They may start to press the panic button or fearful of their biological clock.

Some of us maybe lucky if we can hit it before the 30’s. Falling in love is easy but if you want a white wedding it will have to take sometime before you can realized it.

In Malaysia, many graduates cannot survive on their pay alone after they buy a new car or a new house or both and they have to supplement their income with giving tuitions or moonlighting. They do not have the time for romance nor do they have a choice due to the economical factors.

Marrying in the 20’s is more ideal than the 30’s as they are young , vibrant and physically able to withstand the hardships of looking after a baby. When you are in your 30’s ,your body is not as strong and agile as when you are in your 20’s. It places a lot of strains on the older women. You can circumvent this if you are rich and can afford a baby sitter or nanny to take care of the child’s need.

When you are in the 30’s , your fertility levels goes down and the chances of having a baby is slimmer or the higher chances of defects in babies. It applies to both men and women.

Many 20’s people do not know what to expect from a marriage and they married because it is the social custom to marry when you are considered matured and ripe once you start working .

Though they maybe considered less mature,financially unstable and inexperience, they are able to handle their problems better than those who married in the 30’s. They are more flexible as compared to those in the 30’s who most probably have the attitude of ‘take it or leave’ it mentality. They are less tolerant of each other.

When you marry in your 20’s, it may be more difficult but you made up with more determinations and less expectations and you rely on each other to overcome your difficulties.

You can become a grandparent early while others maybe just going to get married or have children.It is time for you to get laid back and enjoy life while others are starting to go through the treadmill of being a parent.

If you were given a choice, would you marry in your 20’s or in your 30’s ?

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