It Is Only Words But It Can take Your Heart & Breath Away.

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If any man wants to make a woman happy and endear to her, he only needs to say the appropriate sweet and tender words .It is like giving a sweet to a child and you will see her innocent, bright and sweet smiles.

It is better than giving her expensive but useless presents which she does not appreciates. This kind of thoughtful present touches her heart more than you can imagine.

Your wonderful, sweet ,loving and tenderest words will reached into her inner most recesses of her most tender part of her heart and radiates out with full joy in her face.

She will glow with delight and those little words you said are etched into her memory forever.The sun will shine brightly in her world and she will basked serenely under the warmth of your great love, banishing all those dark clouds into the far far away land.

A woman no matter how old she is will welcome any praises and compliments as long as they are genuine. You will then be rewarded richly in return. You need to affirmed her feelings and show her that you agree with her thoughts. She will be flattered.

If you know what are those keywords women love to hear, she will be yours forever. It is only words, talk to them for they love to hear them from you.

Women love to hear that they are needed or made to feel that if without them, you cannot live a happy, contented and blissful life. They are essential and indispensable in your life and you cannot live without her. Tell them.” You made my life complete!” or words to those effects. Always consult her in your decisions and this will make her feel important and useful.

Every woman will hope to marry and have children and be a good mother some day. She may worry about motherhood and may need your confirmations. If you have the chance, tell her .”She will make a great mother!” She needs a second opinion .She will believe what you told her.

Women may show sorority with other women but inwardly they are quite critical of their sisters. They will feel inwardly that they are better than them. Rivalry and competition is always present when girls gather. When you tell her, ‘You are the best and the smartest.’ You affirmed she is not just a pretty face but also intelligent, a beauty with brains. Don’t forget to tell her, ‘You find her the most prettiest or beautiful among her friends.’ Everyone loves being told they are beautiful even if they are not.

When she has to make an important decision in her life, tell her, ‘You will accept her decisions ,come what may.’ You are telling her that you respect her as someone who is matured, intelligent and wise.

Don’t forget to always,’Asked her how she is or how she is feeling?’ It shows that you care about her .If she say’s there is nothing wrong, it means that there is something wrong but she will not pour out till you dig deep and long enough.

Something is bugging her and she feels it is not worth to tell it out. Women are conditioned like that. You may have to dig, stop, rest and dig again, then repeat again the same process till she opens up..LOL!

This is what goes on in a woman’s mind. “If he will ask one more time, I will tell him.” One more time he asked and I will tell him the problems. If you only asked one more time, but you give up after 2 or 3 tries. .The thorn still remains in her and can fester. You need to have patience and keep digging till you reach that thorn and pull it out.

It is only words, for your words can have a lasting impact on her. Choose your words wisely for it can make or break her. Your words can make her love you more or make her hate you. Three little words can make a world of a difference to her ,’I Love You !


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… the smallest words can make a difference.

we can build or we can destroy.

it is always a choice and should be considered from every aspect available.

our persception is 99% of our reality.

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