Women Worries before While Men Worries After Marriage.

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A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband
A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

Why are women like that? They think with the left and the right side of the brain. One wants to turn left and the other wants to turn right.

They will always be in conflict and they worry alot because both sides of the brain cannot agree most of the time. They need a third brain and a man can only think with one side of the brain.

I dont know what the other side of the brain contains.Maybe , it is just a back up and so cannot think for itself. Or it could be just a viewing brain to only ogle at beautiful girls and make a fantasy and sexy movie only for his own viewing pleasure..LOL!

The mating and survival instinct is very strong in women and this cause them to worry about getting a man. Once they hooked up with a man , their worries vanished because they know that they have someone who they can fall back on .He will take care of her for life.No job or got fired, no problems. She does not have to worry.

For a man , life is carefree when he is single and and he need not worry about what happens tomorrow . He can live anyway he wants.

Once he is married, he will have to assume more resposibilities and his burdens increases as the children comes along.There will be more mouth to feed and more expenses to cater for his enlarged family.

He is not anymore responsible for himself only but for his wife and kids.He worries if he will lose his job and how he would support his family.

Women matured faster than men. Thats why God made women worry earlier than men.

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