Is Honesty The Best Policy?

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Can you really be very honest and tell your true feelings to a girl? Not on your life! The moment you tell her the truth ,that you want to be her special b/f will sound the death knell for that relationship. It will be all over, kaput!

You are just like those pirates of the Caribbeans. When you up your skull and bones flag, they will scoot off and disappear from your horizon.


She will avoid you and put you into cold storage..LOL! Only if you are absolutely sure that she is in love with you and give you plenty of hints, will she accept your declarations? It would be better if she hoist her flag up first.

Once you see her bikini flag , then you can hoist yours up to show that you are on the same path. Otherwise, if you hoist yours up first and she hoist up a skull and bone flag, you are finished. Checkmate!


When you are dating a girl , you cannot be too honest with her .For honesty in this type of relations does not pay . You have to say the wonderful and good things about her to make her feel special. Men are adept at such charades or flattery’s or telling small white lies .


Women may complain about men being inexpressive or not showing their real feelings or emotions. It is like talking to a man through a mask. You do not know what he is thinking inside. She has got to dig here and there to find where his heart lies .An experience woman would know where to dig..LOL!


It would be much better for her to search and dig for the truth then for him to tell her the truth presented on a silver platter. What comes easy has got no value. The moment a man tells the honest truth in the early development of a relationship , he will become history. Truth, sometimes is unpalatable.


It is like looking at a nude person . If you look at a nude person , one look and it is all over. If you look at a beautiful person who wears several layers of clothes, the slow expectations of what is underneath those layers of clothes will keep you interested and wanting more .

Honesty does not get you anyway with women. Good and straight guys don’t win the girl’s heart. You are too boring and too predictable.

The 15 commandments of dating .

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3 Responses to “Is Honesty The Best Policy?”

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Hi Laura,
I think that honesty and trust is what great relationships are based on. With that said. I agree with everything you said and am just going to add to that.

Its not so much the honesty that is the problem. Or maybe it is. I prefer to call it “taking the mystery out of it”. The truth of the matter is, that both girls and guys don’t like it when one of the people is moving too fast. Unless it is mutual or something. When a guy showers a girl with too much attention and does too much talking and not enough acting, then we lose int rest in him.

Now yes just because my name is Hot Alpha Female and you are an advocate of that too Laura doesn’t mean that it just applies to us. It applies to ALL chicks and guys are kidding themselves if they just think that my opinion is just high maintenance or something.

Like i say in most of my comments, there are rules in creating attraction. N by a guy being too upfront and too needy by expressing all this mushy stuff, will end up in the chick wondering why she isn’t attracted or feel it for him anymore and cause her to move on!


Hot Alpha Female

Thanks for sharing! So funny! I’ll have to check out the dating commandments sometime. Honesty is good, but sometimes it bites ya in the ass! Sad when it happens!

I’ll have to check out your site some other time when I’m not in a hurry–from the list of entries it looks like you write about some amusing and intriguing ideas that appeal to me and fit my life.

Happy blogging and have a great day!

Laura1318:Thanks for your comments.You are most welcome !

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