Instant Turn On’s For Men.

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Anything that walks on this Earth and wears skirts is an instant turn on for some men..LOL! I suppose such men are not fussy and choosy.

Each and every part of a woman from the head to the toes is a turn on .Her brain,hair, face, eyes, mouth ,lips,shoulders, boobs, hands , feet, butt,her revealing, sexy and peek-a-boo clothes, her accent, her mannerisms , her laughter, her smiles, her touch and for some perverts even when she farts. LOL!

When she talks dirty like the men , she is quickly accepted as one of their kind. Men are not aware that when women talk among themselves, they can be more cruder than men in sex talks. If you overheard them , you would cringed.

With such great turn on’s, it is a wonder why so many women are still unattached? The men are just ‘chicken’ when they see a successful woman.

They avoid them because they are afraid of the high maintenance label on them. She can maintain herself. Most successful women would have to hide their real identity during the courtship period if they want to hold on to their boyfriends and get married. This is known as the Mirinda complex named after Mirinda of the Sex and the City fame.She is a successful lawyer while her boyfriend is a slob.

The only thing that can turn men off is her body like the hairy King Kong .Women need not worry about their bodies because when it comes to making love , most of the men fantasize about making love to their favourite movie stars or their best female friends.

They are using your body while their minds are elsewhere..LOL! Just take a peek at his face when making love and see where he is looking…he is in fantasy land!

Some women too, fantasize about their Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise making love to them.

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One Response to “Instant Turn On’s For Men.”

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thats so wrong, we are not thinking about sexy woman, in order not to finish sex in 5 min, we have to think ugly things like faces of car accident victim or butcher ripping off the pig’s guts. if we start thinking pamela anderson, you can go ahead grab the tissue box… its almost done.

Laura1318; I thought you would turned into a wabbit or a monkey and simply boinked away..keke!

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