The Ubiquitous Dried Instant Noodles!

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The Japanese company, Nisshin Food Products invented the miraculous food in 1958 and since then it is the most popular food for many. It is cheap, tasty and easy to prepare. It saves money, time and it is filling.

Today, the dried instant noodle industry is a multi million business. It has taken the world by storm and in the third world countries; it is a staple diet for many poor people.

Just go into any super market and you will find this product is fully stocked and there are many flavours to choose from. The Japanese and Korea instant noodles are more expensive but they taste better.

. I love eating noodles even if it is just plain noodles with some black Soya sauce and some oil. When I was small, that was our daily staple diet. There were no instant noodles yet but only the local egg noodles variety.

Possibly because there were no instant noodle factories here or it was expensive during that time. Still it tasted good and till today it still taste good..LOL! The Chinese, Japanese and Korean are great noodle eaters. In Japan, when you eat those noodles, you must ‘slurped’ them as loud as you can..LOL!

One packet or two for the big eaters will make the stomach contented. When you are short on time and very busy, just add some hot water and then you will have a warm and tasty meal. Dried instant noodles are the number one fast food for many. There are two varieties .You can have the soup noodles or the dry noodles.

Is eating those instant noodles bad for your health?

Television and advertisements claimed those dried instant noodles to be a nutritious meal. This statement can be misleading. Instant noodles do not contain any vitamins because they are basically made from flour and water only .You need to add some fresh vegetables, meat or prawns to make it nutritious. A lot of the time, it is a hassle to prepare that way; so many people just eat the plain noodles with the accompanying spice powder only.

The packing of those instant noodles looks very attractive with meat, chicken, shrimps etc, but you will have to add them yourself when you cook them. It is not found inside nor contain in any freeze dried form. Some noodle packs have some freeze dried vegetables.

Those instant noodles comes with small packs of spices and powder to give you the taste and flavour of vegetables , chicken , duck or meat . It is only ‘ chicken flavoured’ and no real chicken inside…LOL!

Instant noodles do not contain any vitamins or proteins but only carbohydrates. You should not just eat those noodles alone but only as a supplement to your regular diet.

There were stories of Malaysians who went to Japan to work illegally; they mostly ate those instant noodles  daily for 2 years. It was expensive eating outside and not convenient to cook. Some came back with 80K after working there for 2 years but were in poor health or died a mysterious death. I know of two people who were still young but passed away after they came back from Japan.

I have been eating instant noodles for a long time though not daily but just on and off and I don’t find any ill effects. Usually I don’t add too much of those additives for it contained monosodium glutamate or food enhancers like Aji-no-moto..

You can get very thirsty and have to drink a lot of water. I boil the instant noodles with a lot of water to get rid of any substances and then boil fresh water for the soup I don’ have heartburn, discomfort or digestive distress. Maybe the Caucasians stomach is not suited for instant noodles. We ate from small and this could be the reason because our immune system is more efficient..LOL!

Dietitians say that occasional consumption of dry noodles is not harmful. Having dry noodles for lunch on a regular basis will inevitably lead to digestive problems.

In addition, such products may affect the liver and the pancreas. Specialists of the Institute for Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Sciences say that the daily consumption of instant products may result in stomach ulcer or gastritis.

I have been eating noodles since small and am still eating them, stomach ulcers or gastritis or not. When you are hungry and when all those food stalls are closed or you are too lazy to dressed and go out to eat, the instant noodle is the best alternative for a warm and filling meal. Nothing can beat my favourite instant noodle, Bah Kut Teh flavour ( meat bones and Chinese herbs)

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