How To Be Happy With A Man Or Woman.

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 To be happy with a man you must understand him a lot and love him a little.
To be happy with a woman you must love her a lot and try not to
understand her at all.

What is love and what is understanding?

To love somebody means to understand somebody. To understand somebody may not necessary be to love somebody.

When you love somebody, it means you love her for everything whether you understand her or not.

If you want to be happy with your man,you need to understand him which is easily said than done. If your man works 24/7, you would not understand why he works that hard and neglects you and the kids?

The women would say , all he ever think of is work and more work and like she does not exist in his life . She feels like she is just another furniture or trophy  to be kept by him and when he likes , he will give her a warmth pet or treat her like a sex  object and nothing more.

She does not see the picture, that it is because of her that he has to work extra hard to give her the spending power. She wants more money and more of his time which is impossible for any man. They will have to seek a balance or they should compromise and have a more balanced life.

He thinks of giving his family a good life by being a good provider  and offered himself as a sacrifice to the workaholic God.He thinks he is doing the right thing

But many men failed to realise that by working such long hours, they failed in their other social responsibilities like spending precious and quality time with his wife and kids.

They are growing up or getting older and time and tide waits for no man. Those times are precious, for you only go through once  in your life .

When the kids have grown up and have wings, they will fly away and you will have the empty nest syndrome.Your wife may also fly into some others warm arm  because your arm have grown cold or turned into lifeless stone.

Yeah! Try to understand that he loves you in his own way and it is only your fault if you do not address this issue of working too long hours and having a poor quality lifestyle.

Just like Peter Durose who gave up a high flying job to downgrade and to be with his family. Are you a master of money or a slave to money?

If you continue to make more money than you can spend , what is the point if you do not know how to enjoy life ? You are just like the million of ants who work till they die , a money making machine, a slave to time and money.

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Hola concierto ,Gracias, eres tan bueno

hi.. i strongly agree with what you said on the last paragraph..

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