Romeo’s & Juliet’s In The Office.

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The office is a great place to look for partners if you are single ,as you can observe them everyday and be better acquainted with them and see their full potentials.

It is much better than looking in bars or from blind dates.The office romance is not without it’s perils .If you are thinking of a romance in the office, you must be prepared for the consequences.

No man is an island in the office. You need to find a mentor or allies in the office who may help you in your promotions , growth or further developments in the company.There is a price to be paid for those support. It may not come cheap.

If your boss is single and available , many female employee’s would cozy up to him hoping to land that big fish inside their nets.

In these present days, it does not matter anymore if the boss wears a ring on his fingers.Those manipulative ones would just pry them away from their wives.

It is also a place where dangerous liaisons can sprout up.Office romance can be wonderful, but can also be very painful if things dont work out.

Working in the office with the intermingling of both the sexes  will give rise to relationship and personal issues. Can a man and women be just friends ?There is just a thin red line between them and most of the time , the line is very blurred.

There is no way you can escape from those forces of sexual attractions between the opposite sex.It is mutual attractions.It only takes a small spark to kindle the love in their hearts.

It can start slowly and easily  with tea breaks, lunch ,dinner , parties ,shows and end up in the car, parks or the bedroom.They wont know what they are into until it hit them hard.

If career is more important to you than love, then you should not ever venture into that territory.For there is no MAN worth your career! Stop and evaluate all circumstances around you before taking that step!

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2 Responses to “Romeo’s & Juliet’s In The Office.”

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Hi Melvin,

Thanks for your post. Maybe , your destiny is still out there..*wink*. There are women who moved from company to company till they find their desired one..

Goodluck to you..! Maybe ,one will drop from the sky just as I am replying your post !..LOL!

I have never ever success in that. Maybe I am working in the wrong company. *wink*

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