My New Husband Is A Slob!!!

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 What is a slob? Someone who dress like a slob , eat’s like a slob and live’s like a slob..Aaargh! Your husband may have one or all of those qualities.Congratulations!

Your prince charming before marriage is a slob in disguise..LOL! You were smitten by love and in cloud nine and  your eyes were closed but  now they are opened, when your feet touched the ground.

 A slob is a  person who is slovenly, crude, or obnoxious.  Most males are not known for neatness or care about the appearance of their living habitat.

They are more concerned about the practicality or where they put their things  and not about the aesthetic functions. It is a male thing.

A women is completely different for she has been trained to always keep her room clean and neat and attention to minute details about everything.She is afraid of being labeled by others if her room or house is untidy and in a mess.

After marriage when you live together and he shed all his pretences and showed his true colours, you only realized that you have married a slob.

What are you going to do now? HELP! You complained, prodded and  cajoled and nothing seems to work for him. He leave his clothes and smelly socks every where  in the house.

When your partner shows no response to your wishes, there is nothing much you can do except to pick up his pieces and put it in the laundry basket.

You could train him like a doggie. If he does what you command , give him a hug and a treat. If he does not then give him the punishment.Go sleep in the dog house..LOL!

You could throw tantrums or shed crocodile tears and go on strike if he does not do what you want.

If nothing works, then tell him , you are leaving the home for good.This is a very drastic step . This process is very extreme and you can only do it if you cannot tolerate it anymore. The result is guaranteed. he will kaput and obey  your wishes and  your every command like a slave..LOL! You will earned his respects. Some men have to be taught that way.

Get out from their life and they will  slowly learn that they cannot get on with life without you. Your absence will make them realise their mistakes .They will come around to learn to love and appreciate you more. 

If they don’t , then  the relationship is not worth saving. Don’t waste anymore of your time on him . What he is in need is his mama and not a wife.

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5 Responses to “My New Husband Is A Slob!!!”

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Hi, Laura and fellow spouses with similar concerns!
I lived with my husband eight years before I married him. It was a business deal! I knew he would not change- despite the fact he said he would! I even paused at the altar and reminded him of his promises! Anyway, I have purchased two homes. Each have a split floorplan. He has his area, I have mine. I treat it like a teenager. If he doesn’t put his clothes in the hamper, they don’t get washed. I don’t use his 1/2 of the house, because it is discusting. He is revolting. We don’t have company, because I feel it is a reflection on me. My area is clean. This is a matter of respect, and being pampered by the mother, who caused this mess! I have left several times. Now, I use natural or logical consequences, tough love, compliment, fact, feeling or future communication. Honey, I know you are busy, but when you have a chance I need you to: clean your room, bathroom, and take out the trash…thank you for taking out the trash…I leave notes daily. I compliment as much as I can. I am always frustrated, angry and wonder why I am here, but for now I am trying to keep it together. I hope this helps someone. Thanks.

Hi Darlynn,

Thanks for your sharings. I cannot help but sympathize with your predicaments. I can only wish you all the best and hope that he will turn out the way you want him to be. It is only your love for him that can overcome his slobbiness.


btw. what happened to the “old” husband.

Laura1318: He died from a heart attack when he could not keep up with her pace.LOL!

i tried to do that, but every time sit down at the toilet bowl the wiener tend to drop and submerge into water. very bad for hygiene. (are we getting too explicit here? any rating category here?)

Laura1318: There is no ratings here. I hope there are no little kids but only overgrown kids reading my blog..LOL!
So far there has been no complaints. I trust that each of us will be able to put a lid on our exuberance but sometimes , we may go overboard. To make mistakes is only human…..

women are just too inconsiderate towards the physiological challenge and men faces – the penis is not designed to shoot fluid precisely into the toilet bowl – it’s just mission impossibles and Ripley’s believe it or not.

the weiner is designed to pee on tree (yeap. men used to be dogs!)

please show some respect to God’s creation

Laura1318 : There is a new thought , that men should sit down and pee..LOL!
Why can’t men sit down and pee like them?

High Laura, May an 800 celibate friar weigh in on this? From several years of business dealings I came to know a man fairly well who was absolutely spit-and-polish at all times. I always assumed that his punctilious manner was a vestige of his combat service as a Marine. Something about him (probably his raging misogyny) always struck me as deeply false, even though he was a straightforward and honest man with whom to do business. Turned out he was a self-loathing, deeply closeted gay man.

Another man I knew, who also happened to be gay and openly so, was equally strong and honest, and certainly not prejudiced against women or the religious or straight. On the contrary, he, a Dutchman, was a model of continental manners observed always with a light, effortless touch. And like most Dutchmen of a certain age he was affluent, and also possessed of a beautiful wardrobe. The thing was, he simply preferred to live as a flamboyant slob of the eccentric variety. Imagine Fred Astaire waking from a bender still wearing crumpled tails and spotted pique, and sporting toussled hair and white tie, askew. All in all, most endearing.

As for us straight men, well, most of us who are handy with, say, woodworking or mechanics or firearms or applied mathematics prefer to keep a neat workbench, be it a home or office, a garage or a boat. Same goes for grooming. In the Army and Marine Corps it’s called “being squared away”, and of course in the maritime services it’s “ship shape”.

But then, as you point out, a lot of are just slobs, in flight from anyone or anything that would interfere with our enjoyment of an unfinished adolescence, American-style! You’re right, of course: such as these do not deserve God’s gift of matrimony. But what the hell, the Spirit bloweth wheresoever It damn well pleaseth. There is no accounting for God’s taste. Perhaps He adores some slobs as much as I did my late Dutch friend. Blessings to you and your friends here!

Pax Christi,


Laura1318; Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts.You write very well and it is always interesting to read and see the world through your descriptions. There is nothing wrong being a slob as long as they are happy .On the other extreme are those who are spit and shine and the very fussy types.Somewhere between those two extremes would be Ok.Live and let live.

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