Lose Hubby, Lose Home and 3 Children In Tow.

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The mere thought of this is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. A young mother of 24 ,was left destitute , homeless and loveless . This is a terrible tragedy no women would ever want to happen in their life. Her world turned upside down.

It is a double whammy for her! Not only losing her husband who abandoned her but also her home .I hope she will find the strength to soldier on and may God help her and bless her and lighten her burden.

What can she do or turn to for help? If she has an understanding and supportive parents or siblings , she may find solace and help and a place to stay for the time being.

She may need to find work and allow her parents to look after the kids or hire some kind of nanny help. If there is no options , she may have to put her children under the state welfare institutions as a last resort.

No sane and rational mother would want to go this way if they have a choice. It is very heartbreaking to read her sad and unfortunate story . But yet , this is precisely the only way out of her predicaments if she cannot get any help.

Everything is going up but house prices are coming down.The bank lenders are going to up the mortgage interest rates and many will not be able to pay the new rate.

Many will have their homes repossessed and made homeless. Not only will they lose their homes but will also be mired into debts and may also be blacklisted.

It is miseries everywhere as the poor and the middle class struggle to keep afloat . Everyone of us except the rich will have to cut corners and make do with whatever we have.

This is very sad and unfortunate that our life has to suffer due to the mismanagements of the resources by the governments.

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