Beautiful Breast Display Women’s Sexuality !

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The fascination with the women’s breast is not a recent phenomenon.Eversince  the celluloid world came into existence  , we have been bombarded  daily with the pictures of scantily bosom girls  or the easy availability of those pornographic DVDs and online smuts.

 This preoccupation with the female mammalia was probably started by the Americans through Hollywood who discovered that sex sells. People are willing to pay to watch more boobs exposed and the rest is history.

There are people who study the art or science of the women’s breast form. How they look or appear can tell what kind of women she is . This is called  sternomancy  which started in Spain in the 18th centuries.

How true or effective they are ,are best left to your own discretions. It maybe generally true but with exceptions . It is like fortune telling.Just read it with an open mind.

What breast shape is yours? Well! They are describe in a fruity manner, apples, oranges , pears , water melons, papayas, aubergines (egg plants).

The breast is like a chameleon. The chameleon can change colours as a camouflage to hide from it’s enemies ,while the women’s breast can change shapes…they perked up when they are excited and hot …LOL!

It is hard to to be a women if they dont have them .Nature is kind. I have seen women who have a very beautiful face or complexions to compensate for her lack .

Today with a varied assortments of wonder bras ,pushed up bras and tapes , women can accentuate their curves and make them appear more fuller than ever. Thanks to those new inventions.

If they are still not satisfied, there is always the breast augmentation surgery. With the rising cost , many girls go for cosmetic surgery by paying on installments…LOL! Beauty is not cheap! these days !

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8 Responses to “Beautiful Breast Display Women’s Sexuality !”

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I discovered your blog online and read a few of your other blogposts. I just now included you to my personal Google News Reader. Carry on the nice work. Will enjoy reading much more of your stuff sometime soon.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Whats the difference between a lawyer and atrampoline?You should take your workboots off beforeyou jump on a trampoline

Hi. Not sure if anyone told you this but your website looks kinda peculiar in my web browser.. almost certainly several code in your design is wrong. . I think it may be an one-off problem … ie its just me who is seeing this weird error. Oh yeah I am using Opera as my web browser so almost certainly thats the reason why. Im sure its actually nothing but thought you ought to know just in case.. Thanks for the wonderful articles on your site btw.. I fancy what you have so far and will be coming back!


Thanks for your info and compliments . Sometimes it happens but I am using Firefox and it looks OK to me.


If there were not breast, how would men feel?
But my question that has not been answered by what I have been researching is this:
1. Is it all men that are attracted to women’s breast?
2. What is the connection between sighting a woman’s and the brain?
No matter the thousand and one questions that we have in our hearts, men will still esteem women’s breast.

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I am turned off by American porn because most of the ladies do not have natural boobs and they look fake.

Laura1318: Most American girls are heavily endowed and some have to go for breast reductions.

im waiting, u spoke about the butt then the boob already.. next shouldn’t it be……..

Laura1318; Your guess?..LOL!

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