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When you die ,will you go to Heaven ?

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I cannot speak for other religions but I do know that if you are a Christian , you can only go to the Christian Heaven if your name is in God’s ‘The Book of Life.’

Not all Christians will ascend to Heaven.Whether I will go to Heaven or not, I do not Know but I pray everyday that God will include my name in that Book.

There could be many Heavens according to different religions. I will not be discussing them here accept the Christian Heaven.

If you are a Christian and your name is missing in The Book Of Life, then you will be send to another place until you get your name in that book.

Even if you do good in your life and if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you cannot enter the Christian Heaven. Jesus said, ‘My sheep hears my voice and I know my sheep.’

Going to Heaven is like an inheritance from God. If you do not accept God and Jesus Christ, how can you go to His Heaven ? What makes you think that you have a right to go there ? Who are you ?

You can believe anything you want and I will not dispute with you. God gives you a brain to think and you have a choice.

The meaning of this can be explained by this anecdote.
If you are a father, you will only give your inheritance to your own children and surely you will not give your inheritance to any Tom ,Dick or Harry who has no relationship with you .

You could adopt them if they call you father but if they only wanted your inheritance without becoming your adopted children , will you still give them ? Surely not !

There are people who do not believe in the Christian religion and thinks that if they do good always , they will enter Heaven like the Christians. Sorry to disagree with you. Maybe you may enter a different Heaven. Whether it will be a better place than the Christian Heaven or not , I do not know and I do not care .

Is there only one Heaven or Heavens and are they all the same?

I cannot speak with authority on this subject accept to formulate my own perspective or beliefs. I could be wrong but this is my own belief. Others can believe whatever they want.

I do not think so because the Bible does not state that other followers of other religions can go to this Christian Heaven as promised in the Bible. Since I am a Christian and a believer in this religion, I understand that to enter this Heaven, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour and believed that he is the Son of God.

Jesus said,” I am the way, the truth and the life.No one can get to the Father except by means of me.’ John 14:6

How to get your name in that Book of Life?

According to my Christian knowledge, you can have your name in that Book by accepting and believed in your heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that you will confess all your sins before him and repent.

God did not set any difficult conditions to be accepted into Heaven . It is so simple but yet many do not believe in Jesus Christ. It is by God’s grace that we are saved and not by our own deeds. We cannot pay by our riches or bribe those angels for our passage to this Christian Heaven.

There are people who thinks that if they do good on this Earth , they will go to the Christian Heaven.Why the Christian Heaven when they do not accept or believe in the Christian God or Jesus Christ ?

It is a different world and a different Heaven. They can choose to believe whatever they want but the truth will set them free. Unless you come to God, you will not see the spiritual truth ,for you will only see with your Earthly eyes. You will need to be born again spiritually to feel the presence of God.

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The pregnant man is expecting again.

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The pregnant man who recently gave birth to a very cute baby girl in June 2008 is pregnant again.Mr Beatie, 34, who lives with his wife, Nancy, in Bend, Oregon.They are trying to have a normal family life with children. When the child grows up , she will have a different perceptions of her world around her.

It is highly impossible for a real man to get pregnant as he does not have the sexual reproductive organs of a woman . He is not a real man but a transsexual American man or a woman who felt like a man in a woman’s body.

She was born a woman and had sexual reassignment surgery to remove her breasts . There was no mention about reconstructing her vagina into the penis but he did say that they could have normal kind of intercourse . I wonder what he meant by that ?

Even if she did, I do not think that it will work when they have sex.It is merely an outward looking object like a penis and nothing more.

She became pregnant by self inseminating the sperm from the same donor. How did she do that ?Is she a hermaphrodite or she did not do an reconstructive surgery down there ? A hermaphrodite is a person born with both sexual organs of the male and female organs .

How would you classify such a relationship?

It is not society’s norm and they have their own interpretations . Whatever they believed in , they get along fine with each other . I do not want to judge them as they have a right to choose the way they want to live.

As long as they are happy, nothing else matters. We may not understand their perspectives because they are transsexuals or persons born with a man and woman’s personality and character.

Defining what is the sex of a person by the natural way through the physical way or the sex of a person by the characters and behaviour of a person. What is normal to one maybe abnormal to another.

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Mumbai’s terrorist attack.

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The calm was shattered in Mumbai in India on 26th. Nov. 2008, a city of 18 millions when a small group of 10 ruthless terrorist descended upon and unleashed their arsenal of heavy weapons and explosives indiscriminately and without mercy on innocent and defenseless civilians and targeted foreigners in 10 sites around this famous city.

They were like crazed maniacs with guns blazing and simply shot at any person in their sight. They had no feelings for humanity and they were out to create chaos and death and inflict the heaviest damage in this operation. They were told to kill everyone till their last breath and to kill 5,000 people

This was in fact a suicidal mission of no returns. It was unlike those normal taking hostage and ransom cases . This was like the US 911 where their intentions were to destroy with the maximum collateral damage.

They were young and well trained militants who carried out their attacks in a well planned and coordinated attack but none were able to leave alive. They were hunted down and shot dead by the Indian army commandos and one was captured alive to tell the story.The horrendous attack left 195 dead and the toll is likely to rise ,over 300 were injured.

As the events unfurled, stories of valiant men and heroes emerged. Those who survived the massacre were happy to be alive. The staff of those establishments , the police and the army helped and rescued many people caught in the cross fire and unfortunately 18 foreigners and 16 security personnel’s were killed in that Mumbai terror attack.

The city will never feel the same again as it mourns for the loss of those who lose their life’s in this unfortunate and tragic incident. It is the blackest day for India .

It is so easy for a determined group of violent people to go out there to wreck havoc and destroy. Many cities will have to upgrade their securities and defense against such brutal attacks in the future.

Our thoughts and prayers for all those families of those injured and dead. May God give them the strength and the grace to heal their wounds and their loss.

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A mother like Alex.

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This interesting and poignant article written by Amanda Cable in the Femail section in the Daily Mail online is very touching and heart rendering as it exposed the sadness,the emotional rollercoaster feelings, the lack of informations and moral support and assistance for the mother with a Down’s Syndrome kid.

If she had been given more moral and emotional support , she would have reconsidered giving him away for adoption.It can be a very hard and difficult decision to make and the guilt may haunt her for the rest of her life.

It is very lucky and fortunate for her that she met this beautiful and understanding woman who agreed to adopt her son . She kept her informed of the progress of her son and allowed her to be
involved in his life.

In most of the adoption cases, once the mother gives up her baby , she will never see or hear from him again.

Being a very young mother with a DS kid can be very daunting and scary. He is mentally challenged and will require special needs and care.

DS is caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. It is named after John Langdon Down, the British doctor who described the syndrome in 1866.

Maternal age influences the chances of conceiving a baby with Down syndrome. At maternal age 20 to 24, the probability is one in 1562; at age 35 to 39 the probability is one in 214, and above age 45 the probability is one in 19. Marrying later and having children runs a higher risk .

Alex Bell ,53, from Manchester, UK is a very remarkable woman. She has adopted eight children with DS! She cannot be an ordinary woman but an angel in disguise. God has given her the ability and the love to look after those mentally challenged kids.

Those kids have been given a mother’s pure and genuine love and brought up in a cozy and warmth family atmosphere . When others find it a burden , she finds it a pleasure and an endless source of joy . She is a very special lady or an angel in disguise.

The book A Mother Like Alex, by Bernard Clark, is published by HarperCollins.

May God Bless her and all those children.

Reference and thanks to:-–loving-mother-took-in.html

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Do women enjoy foreplay ?

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It is generally thought that foreplay is a prerequisite if you want to make love to a woman. She takes a longer time to get aroused and she will not enjoy the sex if the men just dived in for the main act.Most men may think only of the physical side without the emotional and mental foreplay.

Some men would be half hearted or do it mechanically without any emotions or care about the woman’s feelings.They poke, pinch, fiddle and grope until the woman became impatient or bored and lose their interest.Some women may fake orgasms and some men may fake foreplay’s.

It is no surprise when some women just lie like a log or like a corpse waiting for it to finish. It could even be insulting when the woman reads a book while her man is boinking away.

A recent survey found that women did not enjoy the physical aspects of foreplay and considered it a waste of time . This survey may not be true in other places.It is unfortunate that the men in that area was cast into a bad light.The act of foreplay could probably mean different things to men and women.

For the men , it could be touching ,stroking ,cuddling, caressing, kissing , licking and those more adventurous types ,some meaningless lovey-dovey praises for her.

While the women may enjoy those physical carnal pleasures , it is not enough for them as they need to be mentally , emotionally and psychologically fired up too. Whispering sweet nothings into their ears shows that you have not morphed into an animal performing their carnal instincts.

Talking in a loving and appreciative manner,giving them surprises and helping them with their burdens are another form of foreplay’s.

The build up is more exciting as it creates the tensions, expectations and the imaginations. Her mind will be like a fertile soil where all kinds of imaginations will grow.

The way leading up to a women for sex may involve not only the physical but also the emotional build up . The sensitive men would be more in tuned with her moods.

Perhaps the modern day liberated women do not enjoy foreplays because they have no time with their busy schedules or they have acquired the ‘maleness’ in them .

If you want to improve your relationship and love making , you will need to polish up your foreplay’s according to her ways .Treat her with lots of respect and dignity and not treat her like a sex toy, only being there for her when you wanted it.

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A virtual second life ???

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This is an online internet game where you can live the life the way you want but it can have disastrous consequences if you go beyond the realm of fantasy as one man found out.
His wife decided to divorce him in his real life.

This virtual game is like a dream world where others could participate in your fantasies. It is like a parallel world where there are no obstacles or limitations to your power of imaginations and you could do whatever you please.

It could be fun and enjoyable and may be a solace and an escape from reality for those who cannot achieve what they wanted in their real world.

His wife found out in his virtual world that he had cyber sex or relationship with another women and could not accept the fact of his virtual infidelity . She considered the act as cheating on his part.

This is quite bizarre and shocking. The couple professed their love for each other even though they have not met in real life. Time and distance separated them . One lives in England and the other in the US but in their virtual world, they were together daily exchanging their loves and admiring glances with one another. They hope to meet up in real life if there is a chance.

Playing such virtual games can be very dangerous and it can affect your marriage or relationships. If you care for your marriage, you should stay off from such ventures, for it will hurt your spouse and your children .

It would be better if you refocus your mind and your interest on your spouse and keep the fire burning in your marriage.

Do you think she was too quick to seek a divorce? Should she not give the man another chance ?
What would you do if you found yourself in such a situation ?

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Beware of ‘ FREE ‘software from the internet !!

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If you are thinking of installing any ‘FREE’ software from the internet into your PC, beware, you may get more than you bargained for. You maybe downloading additional ‘malware or spyware’ which may harm your PC or compromise your security. Think carefully, it is like opening the door to the big bad wolf into your house.

Most of us want things for free and there are many things in the internet which are free to download especially when it comes to anti virus software. Some of them maybe genuine ones but there could be some which are spywares designed to steal your important and confidential data’s.

There is no way of knowing what is in the software until your PC suddenly coughs and spurts like a sick old man . Some of those programs may pretend to scan your PC for viruses or spywares and without your knowledge may install secretly some of their malwares into your PC.

Beware of those beta versions because it can cause you to lose your data’s or corrupt your files . You become their guinea pigs and you cannot blame them because you volunteer for it when you installed their trial versions. They are not responsible for what happens to your PC.

It would be more prudent to spend some to upgrade the security of your PC and able to sleep soundly every night. If you do internet banking and credit card transactions , you should invest in a good anti virus and internet security software.

Everyday , new viruses and spywares are created and one of these days , you maybe the unlucky fella and you will have to pay through your nose when those thieves clean out your bank or credit card account .

Do not be penny wise and pound foolish.

Reference and thanks to :-,think-twice-before-installing-unknown-software.html

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Brain maggots or live worms in the brain!

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Rosemary Alvarez, from Arizona in the US, underwent surgery after experiencing numbness in her arm and blurred vision.

The operation was to remove a supposed ‘brain tumour’ but instead got a surprise when they came across a live worm instead.

How did the worm ended up there in her head ? That is quite a mystery. I do know that there are sometimes worms in the intestines or in the digestive tracts through the food we eat.

Most children one time or another have worm problems because of their unhygienic conditions. They do not wash their hands properly after the toilet and as a result they contracted those worms .

The worms could enter the brains through a wound or boils on the head and if untreated , the infections may cause those flies to lay their eggs on the wound and maggots to bore through the flesh and decaying bones to enter the brain.

There was another case of a man who consumed too many ‘sushi’s’ and caused worm infestations of his brain . Mr. Shota Fujiwara . a Japanese man from Gifu Prefecture had a persistent complain about an incessant headache.Worms were literally crawling out from his head. When a major surgery was performed on him , the full extent of the infestation was horrible.

Raw fish and meat contains those tapeworms and roundworms and their eggs. If they are eaten raw or half cooked, they may survive and breed in the human body.

Those worms and their eggs can only be destroyed by proper cooking or freezing them thoroughly for a week or more.

Many of us love ‘sushi’ and in Japan, it is a way of life. If you get the worms in your brain, then you are a pretty unlucky guy. Maybe , you may get it from some other things you eat in your diet or from wounds in your head.

Let’s hope that we are not infected or impregnated with some strange alien worms from another planet like we see in those scifi flicks on screens. LOL!

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The tragic tale of Baby P.

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It is a very shocking,horror and despicable crime which was perpetuated by a crazed and vile man . The social workers visited him 60 times and was not aware of the seriousness of the injuries that was inflicted on Baby P.

If only that social worker was more observant or more inquisitive, he would still be alive today. That social worker was overloaded with too many child protection cases and failed to detect and intervene in this case.

She could not be blamed because of the huge work load allotted to her. It is a very stressful job and they get blamed for any unfortunate incident.

The mother too is to be faulted because she allowed her man to inflict such grotesque and gross mistreatment of her child.

It is deeply regrettable that the social services have failed in preventing the death of the baby .The cute, blond and blue eye baby was born unfortunately into a wrong family . May his soul rest in peace and his tormentors will receive their just rewards.

A teenager who lived in the same council house and who was a witness to the litany of tortures came out and told the unforgettable and unforgivable sad tale.

He was tortured endlessly and had his back bone broken .It is very sad and tragic when the news broke out that he died under the hands of that cruel and sadistic torturer.

I cannot imagine anyone would treat a cute baby with such hatred and destroy a life.I hope the social service would learned from this lesson and prevent another similar case from happening.

Child abuse is a very sick crime.The child is innocent and any adult can abuse a child if he is not careful or goes into a rage. Know your boundaries and do not cross them as you can hurt the child and later regret your actions.

Seek help if you think you have a problem. I have seen some parents who can fly into a rage because of their stress and harm their children though excessive physical punishments .

The children is not your punching bag and their bodies are not protected like an adult. You may hurt their internal organs even with a moderate force.

Your child is precious. He maybe naughty but it is not a good cause to hurt him or make him suffer for his whole life. There are other ways to reprimand a child and violence against a child is not recommended and it is a crime.

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Is online sex really cheating ?

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If you are married or in a relationship and suddenly find your partner having a virtual relationship or online sex with another, what would you do ?

There are always two sides to a coin. It depends on where you stand on the great divide and your understanding of the issues, whether you are an open and liberal minded or a conservative ,traditional or an intolerant person.

Women and men are different in many aspects and  may not see the same issues with the same perspective. They may not share the same views over the same issues.

I think the general consensus is that women are not infavour of online sex by their partners as  most of them consider it as cheating. Even though it is not on the physical side but it is on the psychological and mental side  which is just as damaging to her self esteem and confidence.

It is just as bad because the thought is there and it may later manifest into the physical side when they ended up meeting each other in the real world.

There could be something missing in the relationship when a man or woman  have online sex. It is probably the marriage or relationship have turned lack luster and they are drifting apart.

Women tend to have a narrow concept of the infidelity issue and they tend to focus on those small details which can lead their men from going astray. Such actions like flirting , SMS, ogling ,e-mails or any form of contact with another female can be considered as cheating in their eyes.

There are even some small numbers of females who are so extreme as to want to control what their men think ,do or see. Anything which is different from their norms would be considered as cheating . Pity those men who are in relationship with such a strong and controlling woman.

A minority may think that online sex can help them with their real relationships as those virtuals can stimulate and reinvigorate their dull partnerships. A little bit may be good but too much of it may harm the relationship as the guilty one may neglect his real partner and in the end may lead to a full blown affair or dissatisfaction with the old.

If your partner feels strongly about it, then you ought to respect her decisions and stay off limits; if you want a long lasting relationship with her.

I suppose you may dream about it but you should not do it in the virtual world. You will expose your thoughts and no one especially your partner would like to see or hear those private and inner thoughts of yours. Put yourself in the other shoe .

It maybe fun and enjoyable but think of the consequences and the price you will have to pay for it. Some may not consider it as cheating but you could probably be opening the door for the devil to come tempt you .

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