How Can I Last longer?

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Men have this mistaken notion that they need to last as long as they can or break the record. Men have this faulty thinking that if they can hold out longer , it would give more pleasure to their partners and hence his performance would be excellent.

He can boink away all night till both of them are sore or bored and he would just be wasting his time and his partners . Once orgasm happens, the interest wanes unless you can have multiple orgasms.

We are just some humans and not some sex machines . Sex can be tiring and it is like running vigorously for 30 minutes..LOL! It is not tiring if you just lie on the bed like a dead wood and the girl does all the work.You won’t be in control and your’s will be dead in 2 minutes or less. LOL!

The male may come twice or thrice depending on their age and virility . More than that is difficult for any normal man.

Just learn to relax and not be obsessed with your performance. Find out what makes her feel pleasurable for you want to please her and not about pleasing yourself.She may have a different idea what makes her feel enjoyable. No two women are alike.

No women would want to be made erotic and hot only to find that your tool is not working. That can be disastrous for you.If you have ED, get it treated .

Sometimes the men are overworked or have too much worries and cannot perform. The women too may lose interest in sex when she has to shoulder all the household chores and a paid job. She gets too tired for sex.

If you want to last longer, you will need to recognize those signs and feelings and take a breather . But such a strategy can backfire as you are blowing hot and cold. It is like pouring cold water when the fire is very hot in her. The fire need to be fanned continuously to reach the ultimate peak of sexual enjoyments.

The best way is to make her come first through your tongue which will compensate for your quick and premature ejaculations.

Eat more healthy food , get enough sleep to recharge your batteries and exercise more. This can increased your stamina and love makings to another higher levels.

Oral sex 101,,traceycox_88pqgx19,00.html

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golden advise to woman: make love to the penis, orgasm with your own finger.

Laura1318; Not finger .. a vibrator shaped like the real thingy.LOL!

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