The pregnant man is expecting again.

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The pregnant man who recently gave birth to a very cute baby girl in June 2008 is pregnant again.Mr Beatie, 34, who lives with his wife, Nancy, in Bend, Oregon.They are trying to have a normal family life with children. When the child grows up , she will have a different perceptions of her world around her.

It is highly impossible for a real man to get pregnant as he does not have the sexual reproductive organs of a woman . He is not a real man but a transsexual American man or a woman who felt like a man in a woman’s body.

She was born a woman and had sexual reassignment surgery to remove her breasts . There was no mention about reconstructing her vagina into the penis but he did say that they could have normal kind of intercourse . I wonder what he meant by that ?

Even if she did, I do not think that it will work when they have sex.It is merely an outward looking object like a penis and nothing more.

She became pregnant by self inseminating the sperm from the same donor. How did she do that ?Is she a hermaphrodite or she did not do an reconstructive surgery down there ? A hermaphrodite is a person born with both sexual organs of the male and female organs .

How would you classify such a relationship?

It is not society’s norm and they have their own interpretations . Whatever they believed in , they get along fine with each other . I do not want to judge them as they have a right to choose the way they want to live.

As long as they are happy, nothing else matters. We may not understand their perspectives because they are transsexuals or persons born with a man and woman’s personality and character.

Defining what is the sex of a person by the natural way through the physical way or the sex of a person by the characters and behaviour of a person. What is normal to one maybe abnormal to another.

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Thanks for interesting post. As for me, it doesn’t matter whether he is pregnant or she is pregnant. Naturally its woman so its a bit weird to tell the man is pregnant.

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