Be A Good Samaritan?

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If you see somebody in need of help , will you go over and help them?

Some people will not give a second thought but jumped in recklessly without a second thought to their safety or legal complications and thus may get themselves entangled on the wrong side of the law or get sued.

It is always prudent to think twice before you want to be a good Samaritan. You would need to consider the safety aspects as you do not want to loose your life or put your life in real danger while saving another total stranger.

Two recent cases in the U.S and U.K has shown that it was better to stay uninvolved because the good Samaritan was taken into police custody and suffered for their personal freedom,indignity and incarcerated in jail.

In the end , both were discharged but the nurse got a whopping sum for her troubles and the man , nothing except some sour and bitter taste in his mouth .

A nurse who helped a Chicago police officer from a wrecked squad car and was later accused of stealing a weapon has been awarded $7.7 million by a federal jury for false arrest.

She spent 10 months in jail while awaiting trial.Her case was later thrown out by a judge and Jackson sued the city of Chicago.


In another unrelated case in the UK, a retired one legged Royal Navy ex-serviceman who came to the aid of his neighbour and was arrested for having a truncheon(An offensive weapon). He was later released and no charges were filed against him.

Think before you want to help anyone even if their life is in danger. It would be a tragedy if you lose your life because you too have your dependents and they have to suffer because of your foolishness.

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