Are You Hot?

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Are you hot? Do you know why and how men think you are hot ?The first impression is very important. His first look will decide if you are hot or just the average and normal kind .

It can be physical attractiveness and the way you move and communicate with others. Your friendliness and your charming smiles.

What is it that makes men classify you as hot ? You may not have all those qualities but if you have ony of these qualities, then you are considered hot in his eyes.

You have a lovely , sweet and beautiful smiling face ,sparkling ,radiant and gleaming eyes that will look straight into his eyes to search for any responses that may elicit a smile ,an acknowledgement or a look of interest from you.Sometimes , strangers smile at me and I dont know why?Maybe ,I was smiling at them without being aware of it..LOL!

You are wearing a sexy attire showing your long ,slender and sexy silken smooth legs, and a lowcut which exposed your ample bosom. You are hot! That is what makes a man take notice of you. She will be like sweet nectar attracting all those drones.(A male bee, especially a honeybee, that is characteristically stingless, performs no work, and produces no honey. Its only function is to mate with the queen bee. -American Heritage Dictionary.)

Those qualities are what attracts men and they dont look all over you like women do from head to toe and noticed anything that is amiss. If they see you have any one of those qualities, you are hot.

All that primping and preening will not impressed him but you still do it because you do not want to lose out to those other critical and bitching females.In your female thoughts, you think this is what appeals to the males.

The next time you see someone you like, just flash him your sweetest and sexiest smile and he will be blown over even if you are wearing your grandma’s pj…Haha!
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