Want to Improve Sperm Quality ?Have Daily Sex!

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If you want to have a baby, you should make love everyday according to a new research.Conventional wisdom tell you to make love after a few days rest because you would accumulate more sperms and have better chances of evolution.

The new research debunked this concept as more does not mean  quality.The sperms DNA may deteriorate  the longer it stays in the body.

The Australian scientists have recommended sex everyday to improve the sperm quality  By having more sex, more sperms would be produced and those new sperms are fresher and better in quality than those stored in the reservoir.

The longer those sperms are stored, the more damaged it will face.Thus, better to have fresh sperms than those over the expired date sperms.LOL!

Your sperm factory will have to have three shifts and worked non stop.You will have to intake lots of Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Misai Kuching(local herbs in Malaysia), Chicken soup with Dong Quai or essence of chicken ,drink Guiness stout beer and plenty of sleep to recharge those batteries.Your wife will also have to athletically be instep with your new sexual marathon.

If you want  better chances of becoming a father, you must do like the rabbits or monkeys do…

Have more nookie mate! Good for your libido !

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