Man!Are You Sexy?

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Why are some men more luckier than others ?They seem to attract all the attentions  from the ladies.They have those divine looks and the gift of gab ,that can kill and slain many young, attractive  and nubile girls and they are known as lady killers.

Their alluring charming personality and their ability to schmooze all the way into the girl’s heart makes them a heartthrob of many silent admirers and devoted and faithful fans. They are like the reincarnation of God .

These special people can only be found in the tinsel towns of Hollywood and those movie sets in Hong Kong, Korea and other countries.

For mere ordinary souls who work 24/7 like you and me , sexy holds a different meaning. We don’t have their great  looks and their very deep pockets. .We can only be a wannabe’s and cheap imitations of them.

Are you a sexy man?

Some men are born with it ,while others will have to polished  and shined till they sparkle like a fine glistening diamond.Or they have to enter a burning furnace to get rid of all their imperfections and impurities  and the final product  like a 100% manly man.

Having a face that can launch a thousand ships and a great body wins 90% of the battle. If you don’t have a great face and body , you will have to work harder on your interpersonal skills in communications and ESP (Extra Sensory Perceptions in the women’s realms.)..LOL!

If you can talk to the birds on a tree and persuade them to fly and land on your hands , then you have passed the test.You are the persuasive type and many women need to be persuaded and wooed .

Not all women may share the same attributes of what is a sexy man.The men must be able to emote emotionally on her level and shows his soft ,tender ,understanding and loving side.

A man who have a great sense of humour,charismatic ,a charming sweet smile, a broad shoulder to lean on when you want to cry, able to cook and sizzle in the kitchen, having superior intelligence but who is willing to listen and pamper to your idiosyncracies and one who treats you like a women and a queen.He makes you feel very special .That is a sexy ladies man!

To some women , having a big fat balance in your bank account is more sexier than anything ..LOL!She can have all her wants and all her dreams come ture. Babe ! I am a want you…

Whether you can find such a man or not is mission impossible.Good luck to you ,but you can dream about your sexy guy tonight when you go to bed.No harm and having some fantasy can sparkle up your dull and boring life..LOL!

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