The Age Gap Factor.

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When you see a very loving couple ,a very young girl with an older man who looks like her father , you cannot be too sure if she is the daughter,mistress , fiance or the wife of that man.

The moment people set eyes on them , the question inevitably pops up, whether he is the father or the husband comes to mind. They will receive many raised eyebrows.

I do not find it obnoxious and indecent that such a relationship can exist in our midst. Others may not have a favourable outlook about them. It can be downright extreme or outright rejection of such a union.

Some are disgusted, others think it is sick and others brand the man as a paedophile and only after the sex and taking advantage of the young and innocent girl.

I do not know why such people prejudged the man negatively when they have never met him. Those who have these negative thoughts should be careful, for those words can come back to haunt them when it happens to hit on their children.

It was unheard off a few years ago but are now happening regularly.Young and nubile girls of 16 or 18 or more are falling in love with older men whose ages could be more than 20 years or more than them and who could be their fathers . Sometimes , the men are divorced and have children.

This phenomenon is happening frequently in the UK and not elsewhere.

What could those young girls see in their older partners?

This could be due to the British culture or absentee fathers who do not play any roles in the upbringing of their daughters and left everything to their partners .

The children depraved of their father’s love ,unknowingly or subconsciously are looking for men who look and act like their fathers.

Another reason could be boys their age or older are immature and do not know how to treat them like a lady and only after them for sex. They are financially unstable and not able to give the girls the security they needed.

The older men has all the qualities that a young girl can look for . He has the  experience,the look , the knowledge and financial stability .

On the negative side, he may get old faster and his interest may  not be the same  as hers.

In life , there are always problems and no one can say life is always easy.

If they love each other and are for each other, it is hard to tear them apart.It is heartbreaking to tear them apart even though they do not look perfect to us .

Who are we to stop them from loving each other? it would be better to allow her to live her life and make her own mistakes in life.

The decision to marry whom she likes is hers alone to make.

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