Your Best Friend – Your Worst Enemy !

Posted on December 2, 2007. Filed under: Man-Women Issues | Tags: , , |

A friend in need is a friend indeed but three is a crowd. If you move around in three’s, you will find your best friend maybe your worst enemy. A matrimonial home cannot have two women or two men in the same house with the spouse.. This is a dangerous mix and sooner or later it will explode.

No matter how good and trusting your friend is, you should not allow them to be together always or stay in the same house. Emotions, sex and feelings are very powerful forces and many have being swept away by this emotional tsunami.

A young married woman found this out the hard way when she went through her husbands PC and found some home made sex videos and photographs of him and her best friend in compromising positions. She then went on the internet to vent her anger.

It is foolish and stupid of the men to keep those sexy videos and pictures on the pc. This is only inviting troubles. If you want a divorce and don’t love her anymore, then it is a different matter.

To brazenly flaunt it is to invite disaster. I suppose the man could not care anymore if his wife is alive or dead or knows about those pictures. If he loves his wife, he would not be bedding her best friend and further more rubbing salt into her wounds by keeping those pictures in his PC.

The rich and handsome are more prone to stray or have more temptations.. Similar is true if the women is very beautiful and sexy. Thus, you should marry some one with an ordinary look or the not so handsome or not beautiful type for your peace of mind..LOL!

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