Sex: How Much Is Too Much?

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This is a very interesting question. Not everyone will have the same level or appetite for sex. Some do not have sex at all ,some have a small appetite while most people  are the average kind and some with a huge insatiable  appetite.

It would depend whether you have the sex  genes like those rabbits or monkeys or the panda or orang utan.

Unless there is some strange and abnormal conditions present which affects your brain or libido , the normal average person would have a normal sex drive depending on their age.

You cannot expect an older man to boink like an 18 year old  because their machines are the older versions , runs on diesel compared to the youngster who runs on rocket fuel.

How much is too much would have to depend on several factors , age, health ,availability and the conditions of your hardware.

A man and a woman do not have the same sex drive. A man may peak from 18 to 25 while a women may peak from 35 to 45 when she sheds all her inhibitions and fear of pregnancy(I read somewhere so this is only a recall )

When you are newly married and young , having sex 3 times a day or come 3 times in a row is possible. More than 3 times a day is excessive and may drain all the energy and the man may feel sleepy and tiredness.Too much rubbing and sand papering may also cause soreness .Some girls would believe their walls would become paper thin ..LOL!

Some couples may have sex everyday and they will slow down to 3 or 4 times a week as they get older or tired of the same game and repeats.

Sex is the barometer of the marriage health . The more they have , the more the marriage is healthy.If they don’t have any sex or just 12 times a year or 4 times a year, then the marriage health is poor and unhealthy.

I think for the young and energetic ones, 3 or 4 times per week  is good. For those in the 20’s to 30’s, 2 or 3 times is the norm .For those in their 40’s , 1 or 2 times and for those in the 50’s once a week is sufficient.

Ofcourse , this is just my own personal opinions only. As long as you don’t feel tired out or grasps for breath , then go ahead and do it as many times as you and your partner wants. 

If you think too much of sex every minute , then you are having too much sex..LOL!

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