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“The Jesus Tree.”

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A palm seed that was found 2,000 years ago was successfully grown alive. Is this not a miracle? That a seed can lie dormant for such an extended long time is simply astonishing!

The seed was discovered inside a jar full of the discarded pits of dates during excavations of Masada in the 1960s.

Previously, the most ancient seed to germinate was a 1,300-year-old Chinese lotus grown in America in the 1990s and had been preserved in cold water.

The 5 ft tall plant seedling was found at the ancient fortress of Masada (Google it for the history behind this name or read from the link given below.)

According to those scientist, it could be growing in the forests between Galilee and the Dead Sea during Jesus time.

The plant has been named Methuselah after the oldest person in the Bible, and is now in the care of Dr Sarah Sallon, a British doctor who runs the Hadassah Medical Organisation in Jerusalem.

She soaked the seed in warm water and fertiliser three years ago before she planted it. Within eight weeks it had started to sprout.

This Judean date palm also known as the ‘Tree of life’ became extinct 1000 years ago.

It is not known if the tree is female or male. Some people may not think of tree’s as having the male or female sex .

I do know that if the papaya tree is male , there will be no papaya fruits and it will be a waste of time and effort in planting them.

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The Jesus tree: Date palm is grown from 2,000-year-old seed

By David Derbyshire

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The Mandometer,

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It is a talking computer that tells you how much to eat  and how much is enough.  A very smart invention in the testing process.It is a computer connected to a set of scales with a plate which you fill it up with your food.You  need to have a strong will and obey what the computer tells you otherwise it is pointless.

For others, they will just have to depend on their dieting formulas and mental wills.Eat less , exercise more.

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Stretching Before & After An Exercise Is Pointless !

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A new study has found that stretching or limbering up before an exercise  or after an exercise is pointless.

Other may disagree with this findings.I think warming up is better than stretching because you could over stretch unintentionally and may pull your muscles..

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