Doomsday Cults.

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Two dozen doomsday cult members are holed up in a cave to await the end of the world, which their leader says will come in spring. They are prepared to blow themselves up if the authorities come to evict them.

Self-declared prophet Pyotr Kuznetsov, who established his True Russian Orthodox Church after breaking away from the official church is the leader of this group but he is not with them in the cave.

It is very sad when Christians are mislead. They should read the Bible and not listen to every word that comes from any preacher or prophet. They need to test the prophets .Nobody knows about the second coming of Christ. If anyone predicts the day Christ will come is definitely not from the Bible.Or anyone knows when the world will end or when is doomsday are all false prophets.

Most of the 29 people holed up in the cave are women and there are 4 children. They believed only in their leader and no one else. Their minds are brainwashed and they cannot accept others view.

Religion is a very powerful tool to control and manipulate people.When people are for God, they will do anything, even die for their cause or for their leader.

These people are just like sheep’s and go where their master want them. They have been lead by false prophets who claimed that their messages come from God. Some of these leaders are almost like God.

They are like living under a spell and cannot think for themselves and what their leader said is the gospel truth.It is not easy to break that spirit which is controlling them … This is spiritual warfare.Any govt. actions will only hasten their death. Just leave them alone and pray for them …

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2 Responses to “Doomsday Cults.”

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I would prefer them holed up in a cave then on the streets. The last thing we need is another cult-like religion going mainstream. Too bad the really popular religions dont follow their example.

The masses are being choked and chained with the weapons of religions and sermons (All Religions). Goodness imposed on men by force is as good as goodness killed. That’s what the religions and religion heads are knowingly or unknowingly continuously doing on this earth. Throw the religions into the dustbin and allow and facilitate the people to “see” ans experience the goodness “within” themselves – that alone may solve our dead behavior.

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