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Tree growing from inside a man !!

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It seems like a far fetched story and unbelievable when a 5cm fir tree was found growing inside a man’s lung in the Russian city of Izhevsk.

Fir tree grows inside man’s lungs

Artyom Sidorenko, a 28-year-old man, was thought to have a cancerous tumour after an x-ray examination. He had seizures and was coughing up blood.

He was operated upon and to the surgeon’s surprise found that it was a fir tree.

It must be very shocking indeed to learn that a tree can germinate and grow in his lungs. Who would have believed such a tale?

How did the fir tree get to grow in his lungs? He could be walking below the fir trees and then suddenly breathe in those seeds or bud and it got lodged inside his lungs where it was moist and dark .

A good condition for the seed to germinate as they do not need any sunlight at this stage.

When we were small , we were told what would happen when we accidenly swallowed the seed of a fruit. A tree would grow inside our body and then right through our head. LOL!

We will need to be extra careful when we walk around those fir trees or those trees which have tiny floating seeds.

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Woman Born With Feet Pointing Backwards.

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She says she is not disabled but she is a unique specimen for her feet are pointing in the opposite directions. She was born like that and has got used to this condition. In fact she can even outrun the normal person.

Just like in a cyclop world, a one eye is a normal person while a two eye is a queer person..LOL! Anyway, she can walk and do all things in a normal way. It is only that her feet is pointing in another directions.  I think she is the only person in the world to have opposite feet.

Wang Fang, 27, of Chongqing city in China, was born with her feet facing the wrong way. She works as a waitress in a family restaurant and her child is born with normal feet.

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Coke Bottle Up Your Arse!!

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How did the coke bottle end up in a 60 year old man’s arse? What did you think happened?

According to him, thieves shoved it right up his arse. It seemed like a tall tale. He must have a very big and loose asshole for the coke bottle to enter into him. He must have constipated for a few days and finally had to go to the hospital for help.

Hell! It would be excruciating painful for him to receive such a big and long load . It is so bizarre..

The doc did not say how he would remove that bottle from his inside. Use a suction , forceps or vacuum ,pick your choice..LOL!

Then, there was a case of a a crazy man who inserted a pipe into his ass and put a mouse inside. What did you think happened? Urgh!

In prison , the favourite hiding place of the prisoners are their assholes. They could hide an assortment of things inside there.Geez!

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