Can Being Unfaithful Save Your Relationship ?

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 Being unfaithful is not completely negative  or bad.There are some silver linings in the dark clouds. Affairs develop because one partner is tempted to search for something which s/he cannot find in that particular marriage.

It is the culmination of what is wrong with the marriage or that there is no more ‘zing’ in their relationships.Love has become tepid or lukewarm.One of the partner could be exposed to the many  temptations and succumed to it.

Affairs  could make or break your relationship  and force you to take a good hard look at your present circumstances.It depends on the individual whether they are matured and are willing to work out their differences.

It can be devastating and heartbreaking to learn of your spouse betrayal.At first , it may hit you like a ton of brick but on hind thought , you could also be partly  responsible for your partner’s crime.

To say that you are absolved of all the blame is not to accept reality.They are some people who think they are never wrong or at fault.

 Indirectly you are the cause or s/he would not have strayed. It may not be your fault 100% but because you lacked that something which the  other spouse cannot get from you.

An affair is the final straw in the broken down marriage. It is like a full blown cancer. Either it is cured or the marriage dies.

Will  they get through the pain ,humility and resentment of their partners and repair their marriage and make it stronger? Some do after much soul searching , heart mending and compromising while others are hardhearted and  cannot even forgive their partners and drive their partners away . Later on ,they may regret for not doing  their best to prevent a split. It was too easy to let go.

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2 Responses to “Can Being Unfaithful Save Your Relationship ?”

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I have to disagree. As I round third base headed towards home on my life I realize that being unfaithful has been the worst thing that I could have ever done in ANY of my serious relationships. When I was a young man I was unfaithful to my childhood love and fiance. Following that I was in a relationship which may have been a rebound relationship, but she was a beautiful person and because my heart had been ripped out, I guess I thought I could behave in “who gives a cht” manner. The last was being unfaithful to my wife. All of these I regret. Don’t be fooled, the only one to blame for unfaithfulness is the offender. If you are in a relationship, be faithful if things don’t work out then, you are cheating on no one. I have had many intimate incounters, three relationships I will never know how it would have evolved had I kept it in my pants. I am still married (once), but in MY heart my infidelity has left a hole. Don’t do it.

Laura1318; Thanks for your views. I do agree with you and affairs are never good for the heart and especially to the innocent spouse. No man is perfect and we try to live the best we can .

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