Do You believe In Your Partner?

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You can believe in  everything and anything but a person’s belief may not be that strong and can only be superficial or only skin deep . When the winds  and tides come , their house will be swept away .

To believe is to have faith, confidence  and trust. Saying you believe is easy but when you are tested on your faith, confidence and trust , you may fail. 

Talk is cheap. How strong a faith is can be decided by the pain in your pockets.How much will you give until the pain becomes too unbearable for you?

 You can then gauge how much belief or what he says  really comes from the  inside of him and not just some lip service. Faith without works is dead.

I belief in God and I completely have faith , confidence and trust in Him. I know He will never change and He will do as He promised in the Bible.

To believe in another human being , that is a completely different matter. Humans are plagued with mistakes , self serving ,egoistic and narcistic .

You may believe in some areas of their life’s but when it comes to money or financial matters, it is better never , never trust anyone except yourself.

Women should keep a secret account and should not let anyone know about it ,not even to their spouse or children. It will come in handy one day .

You cannot predict what will happen tomorrow and this is the only safe way to  insure your future.Divorces are rampant and tomorrow , you may find yourself out in the streets without any means of support . Going back to your parents may not be an options.If you are a working wife, this is not a problem.

When you are down , friends are no where to be seen. Even if you have 1 or 2 very good friends, you don’t want to burden them  for a long time as they too have their own burdens to carry .Moreover for a divorce women , you are a dangerous  threat . Your friends will fear you will hijack their husbands .

You can believe your partner to a certain degree only and not 100% . Those who believe everything would one day find that they have made a very fatal mistake in their life and regret for being naive. Everyone can change and there are always alot of temptations in the world.

Trust and believe only in God …

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One Response to “Do You believe In Your Partner?”

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marriage is like a bowl of chicken salad soup…. exactly…. it is completely an irrational act.

we dont completely trust 100% another person, sometimes we dont even trust ourselves and how can

imperfect man x imperfect woman = perfect love?
0.2 x 0.8 = 0.16 (thats damn suicidal)

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