When The Females Are Crazy…

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We seldom see a public fight between females .When the females are after another‘s blood, it can be a very chilling and shocking experience. All veneer of civility goes out the window and you see two fierce bitches going for each other’s jugular. Your perspective of girls being all sweet and nice is shattered. You now witness the dark side of women which you seldom encounter.

Prior to that, they will call each other names, the likes of which, can make your dead grandma turn over in her grave. They are even worse at insulting each other than men. To the uninitiated, this can be an eye opener for the women can morph into a terrible she devil Hell has no fury like a woman.

The older generation would pull each other’s hair or tear off their opponent’s clothes to shame them. In the present, the girls fight like a man. They throw punches to the face and body and kick with their legs. They are more violent and aggressive. The girls are easily bruised and can turn purplish with moderate force.

Today, we read of ‘an egg war’ between two females on a bus. It could have been a minor incident but it escalated into a full scale war and the police being called to settle the matter.

It could be a case of jealousy or envy of the younger woman or a China girl syndrome.

Who do you think was wrong?

That is why when you see a woman is very angry, run ! She has no fear even if you are 10 times her size. She goes berserk and crazy! Dont think an old woman is weak. She can be fierce and strong and it may take more than one man to subdue her.

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