Your Rubbish Will Be Monitored!

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Millions of the families will get a bar coded wheelie rubbish bins where they will be monitored and if you break any of the laws , you will be automatically  fined £100  !!!

The councils will spy on your rubbish , whether you dumped too much or break their many rubbish rules. Those binmen will be armed with the barcode gun to read the violaters. WOW!!!! I cannot imagine myself living in those strict rules country.

 Here in this 3rd world country , you can dump as much as you can and do not have to pay anything. We are all so blessed. You can be surprised what you can find in those big lorry size bins .

What if you have plenty of rubbish but no cash? Will you go to jail? What will they do with the surplus rubbish? Keep them in their garages  or bury them in their gardens?Or simply throw it at No10..LOL!

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4 Responses to “Your Rubbish Will Be Monitored!”

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Hi. I on numerous occasions announce this forum. This is the oldest culture undisputed to ask a query.
How multitudinous in this forum are references progressive behind, knavish users?
Can I worthiness all the communication that there is?

you nudist too !?

Laura1318; only semi nude…:)

i love this idea. pls implement it here. then what will happen is:

1. i will swap my rubbish bin with my 89 years old grandy neighbor – police aint gonna fine her because she looked so innocent and i get to get rid of my toxic waste legitimately instead of dumping into the drain.
2. even if i dont do it, rubbish fellas will do it for me anyway, these mofo doesn’t care about the ownership of each and will just mixed them up eventually
3. i will put a uranium contented biohazarad dead mutated cat into Bob’s rubbish bin – everyone hates him, he’s a nudist @ home.

Laura1318: Lucky I dont stay near you ..LOL!

Rubbish causes many problems, so we ought to throw away less of the stuff. The way to control it is not to penalise the householder with fines and have people spied on. It would be far fairer to make rules preventing the stuff (mostly packaging of one form or another) being made and used and abused.

Laura1318 :Thanks for your views. That is a very good suggestion as we throw alot of those wrappings or packagings. Recycle all those metal, paper ,plastics and glass products. Have more recycle collection centers and the people may even make some money from those rubbish. That is what is being done here.

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