Surrendered Wife?

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In America, they are called Surrendered Wives – a phrase that was coined by relationship guru Laura Doyle. Basically , it means to revert back to the old age practice where women are submissive to their husbands.

The role of women and the men as defined by our beholden culture since the ages where woman was the caregiver and the house keeper and man the breadwinners.

This is unlike the movie,’ The Stepford Wives’ where a chip was implanted in them to control them and do what the men wants.

The modern ,liberated and emancipated women are running themselves ragged by working the dual role of the sexes. It is very taxing as compared to her mothers generations where she only has to do the house keeping’s and looking after the kids. In her time , the roles were distinct and divorce was unheard off or rare.

Women are not super beings and many of today’s modern women are too tired and overtaxed by their multi facet roles which they have imposed on themselves or were caught in the new waves of feminism.

It did not grant them the happiness they seek but instead beset them with myriads of problems in their marriage. The traditional marriage is beginning to look more appealing to many modern day females.

A growing number of career women are sacrificing their salaries to stay at home and devote themselves to their partner and raising a family. They will have less stress than holding two jobs which can pull them in opposite directions. They find fulfillment as a wife and mother and are contented and happy.

It is an idealistic situation but with today’s world where one breadwinner is not enough , both will have to work to maintain their lifestyles . If he has a big fat pay , then it is easier to give up one’s career to become a surrendered wife.

If you do meet the right guy, it will be such sweet surrender . While for many who do not have this luxury , it would be better to continue to work for one’s own security and peace of mind.

Do you think this is simply a crazy idea after what you went through the University  to obtain a degree and let it all go to waste?

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One Response to “Surrendered Wife?”

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Surrender is the wrong word completely. It implies a battle has been waged, and I don’t think that is the case. Woman need education and careers. What if Prince Charming turns back into a frog? Going to the proverbial typing pool is punishment for wanting to build a family.

Now some surrenders are sweet. I surrender myself to my husband in bed and allow him to have his way with me without argument. THAT is sweet surrender.

Taking on more traditional roles isn’t about anyone taking a back seat. It’s about that seat coming into better focus without duplication of efforts.

Laura1318 :- Thanks for your input. As our society progresses, there is a blurring of those gender roles and we need to redefine those gender roles according to the new standards.

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