If Your Wife Earns More Than You …..

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When you were starting out , you were making more than your wife but somewhere along the way, your wife zoomed faster than you while you still remained at the basement level or on the ground floor only .

There comes a watershed in your life when you have no choice and have to decide one of you will have to quit to look after the children. Who will that be?

Naturally , the one who earns less will have to give up the job and stay at home to look after the kids.Will you take up the challenge and let your wife be the breadwinner?

Will you quit your job and look after your kids with the consent of your wife ? Not only just looking after the kids , you will be doing a role reversal with your wife.That means essentially you will become a househusband while your wife becomes the breadwinner.

According to a recent survey by  careeerbuilder.com ,37% of the working men would quit their jobs to be with their kids. If given a choice , another 38% of the working men would take a pay cut to spend more time with the kids.

Times have changed and the perceptions that men should take a more proactive role in their child’s welfare and upbringing  is making many men to quit their jobs, if their wife makes enough to support the family.

Men today don’t feel the shame or ‘lose face’ while their wife supports them.There is no more stigma in this arrangements.One draw back could be the women may lose her feminism and become more masculine and the men may become more effeminate..LOL!

Men can cook and take care of the kids if given the chance.If all those great chefs are men ,I don’t see why men cannot cook.We have been fed with stereotype ideas about men and women’s role 

 We may see a shift in the attitudes of both men and women towards each other and make this a better world to live in.

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One Response to “If Your Wife Earns More Than You …..”

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I think a wife earning more is not an issue for me. I can stay at home and not work 🙂

Laura1318: Agree with you . Give them all the encouragements.

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