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The Hunter-Gatherer Instinct In Men.

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Men simply don’t want the object of their desire to be offered to them on a plate. They want the challenge of the pursuit and capture of elusive and seemingly ‘unwilling’ prey.

From:-The Daily Mail (–Big-pants-sex-months-One-mans-fail-safe-tips-winning-man-dreams.html )

How far is this really true ? Do you agree with this statement ?

Generally speaking but with exceptions, many men would run away from a woman if she comes unto him strongly . There are some men who may not mind playing the reverse role and accept the women as the hunter as long as she is rich and able to meet his needs. Women has to lead subtly and make him think that he is in control of the situation.

She maybe a cougar or another name for an older, single and unattached women who may be interested in keeping a toy boy for her amusement.

Some girls do not mind sleeping on their first date in order to enticed him for a second date, if they find the man is interesting as a future prospect. She may think this way but the men may not have a high regard for her as they think she is cheap and easily available. She is too easy and even if he does not say it out, he would in his heart feel that way.

Hence , most men would disappear after the first date and never to be heard again. This is the classic one night stand and the men gained but the women lose and will regret it , feeling cheap , dirty and stupid.

Men are ingrained from small with the thought that it is them that has to do the chasing or the hunting and if she is easily taken , then he will not have a high respect or regards of her.

The most thrilling and fun part of the game is in the chase when you do not know if you can catch her or not. It has to be a hard chase and he will treasure her more . It should not be too hard or he will falter and lose interest and look for another game.

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Women Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Men

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Women loves men for many reasons and equally  hate men too for who they are. They  cannot live with those buggers and yet they cannot keep away from them.It is not only with the men but with many things like bra’s, children , moms, shoes, friends, etc.

This strange phenomenon maybe due to their feminine nature . During certain time of the month , they become more irritable than usual. They can blame it on their hormones or PMS.

Perhaps it is the women who are at fault for some experts postulate that most women are masochist, people who love being hurt by themselves or others and a sadist for they love to see others squirm.

They are adept in speaking in half truths but not lies .They will never admit to telling lies but they are very against any lies from the men. If any man is caught telling a lie, he will never be trusted again by her.

No one is perfect especially the men. They have plenty of faults and they can be glaring when it is viewed from a feminine perspective.

Why can’t men think like them or do as they do ?

This is rather very perplexing to most women. They do not realize that men are from another planet transported to this Earth .

There are many things women hate about men. When they love them , it is no problem as love covers a multitude of sins. He is the all perfect specimen in the world for her. Love can do wonders in a relationship.It is the elixir of life which keeps them glued together.

When the honeymoon is over and when all those responsibilities hit home, she would wake up from her stupor and find that the God she married has feet of clay.

Why does she hates men?

It is because they do things which are against the nature of women. They have big ego’s, selective memory, likes ogling at other women, starrying at breast, their hypocrisy, their laziness or lazy bone in them, their possessiveness and jealousies ,their perverted way of life of booze, sex, football and their monopoly of the remote control…..(sighs!)

Why do they  still love men after finding so much faults with them?

It could be the survival instincts or the mating instincts in them…LOL!

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Free RPK And All Those Innocent Under The ISA !

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The formal detention of blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) hours before his habeas corpus application hearing at the Kuala Lumpur High Court yesterday is a gross violation of human rights, a blatant abuse of power and downright contempt of court by the Home Minister and a travesty of the rule of law in Malaysia.- Lim Kit Siang’s Blog

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Preacher With 86 Wives

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You would need to be a super stud and super rich to marry so many wives .In the olden times, the emperor had many wives and thousands of concubines in his palace. He could afford it because the state paid for their maintenance.

Today it is not possible to marry that many wives unless you are some kind of religious freak or cultist and those women are indoctrinated into your brand of religion. There are preachers who circumvent this law by officially marrying four and keeping many others unofficially or on the sidelines.

Sometimes we cannot understand why women would want to marry their preachers when he had so many wives.It could be herd instincts or they were not fully aware of what they were doing. Their minds have been brain washed to accept such a situation.

Those women could be attracted to those preachers because of their power as a religious leader and believed that they are serving their religion or they could have been subjected to fear .Religion can be a tool to control people .Once you are in it, you cannot accept perspectives from the outside and what your preacher tells you , you will accept it as the Gospel truth.

I was once under such a magnetic influenced of a religion and only realized it when I quit the movement and I could see the situation clearly .

A Muslim preacher in Nigeria married 86 wives and he is not young but an 84 year old !!! Having 86 wives was not enough for this preacher and he wanted to marry more wives had the authorities not stop him. He sired 170 children and all his wives and children live with him.

Since he is 84 and the spiritual leader of that group, he does not have to work but only preach and lead the flock. Probably all his wives work and supported him and they all lived peacefully among themselves until the authorities came to know of him and charged him for this crime.
According to the Muslim religion , they are only allowed to marry four wives .

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Guys Are Too Intimidated By her Success.

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She has everything you want in a girl friend , young, beauty , brains and all those good qualities but no guy has tried to pick her up or take her out on a date. Wanting to be the best may not be advantageous when it comes to finding the right man. She maybe an isolated case .

The reason for this sorry state of affairs is puzzling as she is the reigning Miss Singapore , Ms Faraliza Tan . We would imagine that she would attract the cream of the society and all those eligible and handsome bachelors would make a bee line to her home. She may have to move away from her location and go to a larger pool where all those big fish swim and increase her chances of landing a big one.

The guys there find Ms Tan out of their league. She is like a rare gem and not many can afford to maintain or upkeep her. To find the right male who is rich and have the same level of intelligence as her is a difficult task akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Her expectations may not be very high,he has to be taller than her(1.75m), be able to carry on a conversation and make her smile. That’s what every girl would say but to the men it is no mean feat when she is the reigning Miss Singapore. That title alone will slay many potential suitors.

It is better to be down to Earth if you want to lead a normal life but if you have those qualities like her, she should go to the world stage and find her destiny. The sky is the limit for her.

Reference and thanks to :-,4136,176694,00.html?

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Are Rich Women Sexy?

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Smart , sexy , young and rich and all the rest.WOW! There is only one thing you will not get is love of a man or the failure to find the right man. Either those men you fall in love will leech you or those men you idolize does not exist.

The only way you can be young , sexy or rich is to become like a famous singer or actress or the child of some billionaire. The three most eligible girls are Britney, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and they are still single or drifted from one relationship to another.The other way is to marry those rich guys and then divorce and get 50% of their assets.

The majority will have to slogged at a 9 to 5 job to just earn their livings and hoping to catch a rich man in their journey of life.Those who worked through the system would be middle age by then

When the men find out that you are richer than them by a few “zero’s “, they will have trouble viewing you with the right perspective. They have been brought up to be the provider and when they do not have to provide for the rich girl, they appeared lost and uncomfortable. They do not know how to handle that situation where she earns more than him.

If you are a Christian , there is a way to solve this problem. They can put a certain percentage of their earnings into a joint account and both decide what they want to do with it. It is not 100% guarantee because when the relationship breaks down , one of them may take out all the money and leave.

Why are men like that ?

Of course, not all men are like that , there are exceptions , some do not mind marrying a rich woman but in the end , the woman gets tired of them because they don’t pull their weights around .

The men would sense that they have no more purpose or commitment in that relationship.. They have this subconscious fear of losing control and they know that power lies in the one that holds the purse string. Money and sex are powerful weapons and whoever controls it , becomes the kingmaker.

When the woman spends the man’s money , it is O.K to them but when a man spend a woman’s money , it is not O.K. That’s a paradox with woman. This is the differences in the sexes.

Just as a rich man can keep a pretty, young and sexy thing who maybe a bimbo while a woman would not want to keep a young man like a poodle. She would rather choose a solitary life.

If the woman wants to marry and stay in a relationship, she would have to lower herself down to the man’s level or remain single or drift from one unsatisfactory relationship to another.

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