Are Women like Properties?

Posted on November 1, 2007. Filed under: Women Issues |

In some societies , they appear to be like properties because they have no say in anything and everything is decided by that society .They had to live by the code of their religion or tribal laws  and what the elders in their society decides.

In today’s modern world , women have been given equal and same opportunities as the men . Women make up about 50% of the population and to neglect this human resource is a waste and inappropriate.

They should be harnessed for the rapid development and growth of the society and country. A country that does not use this resources will be backward and  its development stunted.

In our daily life’s, we may not think of women as properties but our actions belies our thoughts. Many a men do not have their wife  as their top priorities. She is down somewhere in the 5th or 6th place in his list.

Ask your man to write out his priority list and you will know that wife is not found in the top three placings. A typical man will have God, career, children,mother then only wife..if you are not the religious type, maybe you could be in the 4th position. What does this means? It simply means that you are not that important in his priorities while he is your 1st or 2nd in your list.

Some man think of their wife like a shirt. If they don’t like her or she gives them problems , they will change to another shirt.

This is treating her like a property or a trophy when they marry younger girls who could be their daughters.When the age is so extreme, how can they find the common interest.The marriage seldom last.Either he died of old age or diseases or she died from boredom..LOL!

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2 Responses to “Are Women like Properties?”

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it is therefore

own a landed house
stay in condo.

Laura1318:Thats a fav reply!!The best of both worlds!

girlfriend is like highrise properties – gives u constant exotic yields, but true value depreciates and expensive to maintain.

wife is like landed properties – good appreciation in long run, even it is damn run down-ed

Laura1318: Your reply is most apt and true to the point..LOL!

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