Count Your Blessings!

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The people in the first world or the developed nations are blessed with all kinds of amenities at their disposal and take it for granted. They are so blessed and yet many are unhappy and take drugs.

Our purpose in life becomes clouded by the material things the world can offer us and we lose sense of our directions in life.Why do we exist? Why some are more blessed than others ?I do not have the answers.

If you feel frustrated about life, think of those unfortunates and those who are suffering and count your blessings.

During my student days, the place where I put up with was not conducive to study and I went back to school in the night time to study there. The headmaster of the school was kind enough to allow us to use the classrooms at night while we were preparing for the exams.

In Singapore’s Changi airport, we can see students studying there and there is airconditioning inside and with all those eateries.

While in Guinea’s G’bessi International Airport, it is common to see students studying there too.
Those students dont go inside the airport but on the outside studying under those street lamps.

Why? Because the airport is one of the few places in the West African country where the lights are always on.

Only about a fifth of its 10 million citizens have access to electricity.
And even they suffer frequent powercuts

Generators are an alternative, but few families can afford one.

Here , we are blessed that everywhere there is electricity. But occasionally , we do have black outs or power failures due to inefficiencies or corruptions.

Be happy and count your many blessings from God.


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One Response to “Count Your Blessings!”

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Hi Laura,
I think that gratitude is something that is essential to have a happy and fulfilling life. I dont think that money and material things is what makes life less meaningful. I just think that people in the developed world have a lot easier lives where the majority of their needs are taken care of.

Because of this they tend to take things for granted and become unappreciative of all the things that they do have. They focus too much on things that are not in their possession, love that is not acquired, money that isn’t enough and this ultimately leads them to be unhappy.

I think that being comfortable is one of the main reasons why people are unhappy. Because a lot of people trade comfort for growth. Growing as a human and pushing beyond what you think that you can do and going beyond that threshold is something that we all need to do, to lead a fulfilling life. Its an emotional human need.

But the best way to counteract this, is to be happy and grateful for all that you have … while striving for what you want.

All the best

Hot Alpha Female

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