Lover Or Mistress?

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Are you a lover or a mistress or somewhere in between?

What is the difference between those two words? They make a world of a difference like Heaven and Earth. A lover is one who loves a man for whom he is and does not expect any financial rewards or exchange while a mistress has the connotations of being a ‘kept’ woman.

A mistress is just there to serve her man and the man puts her up and pays for all her upkeep. She does not enjoy the freedom to do as she pleases like a lover .The lover is in total control of herself.

If you had a choice, would you be a lover or a mistress?

Neither choice is palatable but sometimes in life, there is not much choice for some women. It is not that they enjoy being a lover or a mistress. For some, it is their destiny. When they are attracted to some man but who is already taken.

Love and emotions are like strong tidal waves which sweep them off all rational and coherent thoughts. They are powerless as the strong currents will carry them beyond and into another realm. It is like she is in a whirlpool and there is no way out.

Why do women need to be lovers or mistresses? Can they not live without a man and be happy with their life’s?

I think a woman can live without a man but she will not experience the real meaning of life. Life would be pretty boring and very dull if there is no man to play with. Men and women are ideologically different and discovering the differences is an exciting journey in life. Marriage is like an interesting game where it will require two completely opposite people to play and 1 + 1 = not 2 but ,3,4,5 ,6

A man needs a woman as much as a woman needs a man. They complement each other as God designed them to be.

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2 Responses to “Lover Or Mistress?”

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I found that interesting. I’m in the strange position of being the friend/mistress of a married much younger man. We support and care for each other. The sex is fantastic but doesnt happen that often. I dont like being without a man and I do like being loved exclusively but it doesnt always happen that way

Laura1318; Thanks for your input and validating my thoughts.

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