Automatic Promotions In School .

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A TEENAGE student who can barely read or write is suing an education department for failing to teach him properly.

Beau Abela, 14, claims he lacks basic skills such as using a bus timetable, reading a menu or counting money and wants $300,000 in compensation

You go to school to learn and if you cannot learn anything, whose fault is it? Is it the educational system which promotes automatic promotions or the individual’s fault? If the student is mentally challenged, then he should be send to a special school . Having mentally challenged children in a normal school can be a big headache.

What is the purpose of automatic promotions? Is it to give all children a chance to learn more knowledge or is it to keep all those misfits in the school system until they are of age? One reason could be to keep them off the streets so that they will not make mischiefs or become social misfits.

Those who have no interest in learning should not be forced to go through the process of education. They should be send to a vocational or training institute to learn a trade.

Did you find what you have learned in school useful in life?

I am afraid; most of the knowledge I acquired while in school is useless and have since returned them back. The only thing I learned that was useful was knowing how to make friends, how to read and write and some simple arithmetic.

This is what it took me 6 years of primary education and 7 years of secondary education. It took me 13 years in school to learn that. I learned better through the University of Hard Knocks.

Today’s present generations , many cannot even read and understand after 11 years of education. They may know how to read like a parrot but without understanding the contents.


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2 Responses to “Automatic Promotions In School .”

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I really find it interesting to read this article. Most people have really focused on the disability aspect of the article. Here’s a different perspective.

The school is in the northern region of Melbourne. The average level of the year 8 class will be at a year 7 level. This means that in the class, there will be mostly students operating at a year 7 level, a few at year 8 level, maybe 1 or 2 at a year 9 level. Other students will be at a year six level, year five level, year 4 level. These are the students without the disabilities.

Our schools are in crisis and most of it is hidden from the normal view.

How do I know? My son was in Beau Abela’s class. We removed him from the school because he had done very little work since he entered the school. Most of the kids in the class did very little work. Beau Abela was one of the many. Another kid with a disability drew pictures for most of the time. Great education.

I’ve been a secondary teacher a few years in the northern region. I’ve also worked as a disability worker for fifteen years. Look beyond Beau’s disability. This is a matter of children not being properly educated, not of disability.

You treat children as not worthy and they will be not worthy. As simple as that,



Laura1318:. Thanks for your first hand account of this incident. It is great to know more from another perspective. I think kids of today have super intelligence,they are more into video ,PC games and interactive learning from the pc. The old curriculum is unsuitable for the present generations. Look at the school in UK which introduced the Harry Potter concept and got better results.

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