Do you fear being single ?

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You are probably so busy with your working life that you do not have the time to think about your single status and each day will pass uneventfully until you realized that you are knocking on the 40’s door. Time flies very fast.

The problem only manifest when you gather with friends or on new year or Christmas occasions and find that they have love one’s besides them while you have nobody besides you.

You may sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with you or that there is something wrong with the men .Could be that your expectations were too high ?

Maybe, you are just unlucky not to attract any man and you have resigned to your fate or destiny .Your failure to find someone is not because you have not tried but that you did not find the right kind of suitable man .

You will rationalize and justify your single status and think that you can enjoy your single life and can live without a man .You are now self sufficient and able to support yourself financially and do not have to depend on a man for your needs.

It is not by choice and you have witness your friends suffer from bad relationships and you fear to venture there.

We should not look at those bad examples but we need to look at the positive one’s. It is better to have love and failed than not to love at all. No one is perfect and we learn from our mistakes .

You should not have fear but to enjoy and be happy with your single status.
The more you fear, the more you will become desperate and this will make any man flee as fast as their feet can carry them. You would appear to be very needy and to most men this is a turn off.You need to be confident about yourself just as you expect your man to be confident too.

Having to taste the fruit of marriage is better than just looking at it from afar.We can overcome the fear of being single but what is the real meaning of life ? Are we like those worker ants or honey bee’s whose existence is merely to work and gather?

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