Ask Any Questions Page.

Want to ask any questions about everything? This page is for anyone to ask any questions about anything and everything.I do not promise that I have all the answers . I will do my best and hopefully others will also  chip in to help.

This is like a question and answer forum..

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27 Responses to “Ask Any Questions Page.”

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Muje so beautiful housewife cahiye agar apke pash he to me Ahmdabad se hu muje call kare a mel kare

Please understand I am 61 old man. I am not abusive in any way. I am neither proud nor ashamed of my body. Ya I sometimes get a little hardon seeing a naked gal does that disqualify me?

Only sex

i conferm client no is right when i pay

I want high profile hot beautiful and interested in fucking house wife in Mumbai for long relationship for me please give me contact landline number in his home and otherwise his mobile number please help me, for long times I have a same problems I trying but don’t any one properly help or gide me I hope ur believe me. from my side I am very hot person and my profile is very descent person so i hope any one guyes should be mentent i don’t like citing for any one person and not force from my side I give to promise I am not chiter first of all ur any tips gusy me then after when u decide for. figical relationship with me or otherwise and then ur sent me ur personal contact number.

I’m a student of PCB, and just passed out from my school, There is a teacher of commerce in my school, and I’m in love with her, and I thinks that she likes me, but I have done some foolish things, and now I cant meet her, please tell me the solution of my problem

I’m a student of PCB, and just passed out from my school, There is a teacher of commerce in my school, and I’m in love with her, and I thinks that she likes me, but I have done some foolish things, and now I cant meet her, what should I do?

I have a dilemma . You see I had a supply teacher the other day and instantley fell in love with him but he’s like mid 20 s . However I have had a Huge crush on a friend that I rarely get to see so I’m stuck . Plus the supply teacher was SO fit and cute and his aftershave was so nice. Help . Teacher or child . I just can’t stop thinking about mr. Davies ( supplyt teacher)

I would like to know will a mans way ot treating his wife change due t o him loocking @ porn? or is it due to there is no more love and respect for his wife…

Hi tricia,

Men look at porn way back before they got married. As long as they are not addicted to it and treat you well,it should not be a problem. Women may not understand the rational from a man’s point of view.

You can either live with it or you should tell him what you feel about it and hope that he can see from your woman’s perspective. Give and take.

Best regards

On 23rd Sept. 2009 night I bought a Sony Ericsson Phone Model W880i from SAG TELECOMMUNICATION (001836490-t). It comes with a Box complete with Booklet and CD. As advised I took home and had it charged overnight but the phone didn’t work. I went back the following day and they had the battery changed and told me to have it charged for at least 8 hours. Despite having done that, it didn’t work. I went back and was told to leave the phone for his Technician to check. Two days later I went back and was told that there is nothing wrong with the phone. I was again advised to have the phone charged again. But it still couldn’t work. I went back again and was told to let his Technician rechecked. I went back on 1st Oct.09 and was told that it is still under repair. In this course of my presence, I overheard a Malay chap complaint similar to mine. I then told him that I want a replacement and not get it repaired as I had bought it new and has not been able to use it since the. He was furious and told me NO as I had taken it home and that the stall is his and he can do what he likes. He even dared me to make a Police Report. Humiliated, I made a Police Report on 2nd Oct. 2009.

On making enquiries, I was reliably informed that they sell reconditioned sets under diguise as new. I perceive such acts as tantamount to cheating.

I feel that the Management of Pacific Megamall should not let out their premise to such unscrupulous trader. I also feel MPSP should also not renew his trading licence.

You have done a wonderful job helping the lost sheep.May God Bless You

Laura1318:- Thank you for visiting my blog.May god bless everyone !

I don’t know who does your advertising, but don’t you think it’s doing your Christian brothers a disservice to have girly pics and links to more of the same on your website where lonely and hurting guys go for help?

Laura1318:- Thanks for your input. No matter what you do , you will be judged critically by others. We live in this sinful world and there is no escape from those girly pics or links . I am only being realistic and pragmatic and do not want to be a hypocrite.

I do not feel anything wrong with that.As a Christian, we are here to help our fellow mankind’s as best as we can. We are not God but we can be a conduit and point the direction to God.

What is wrong with helping those lonely and hurting people ? Jesus came to this world not to help those who are healthy and strong but to help those who are weak, the maim and the sick.

If other Christian brothers or sisters are offended, there is nothing I can do about that. To each his/her own. You have a choice to choose what you want to read or where you want to go. I cannot stop people from coming here or giving their opinions.

All comments are welcome and if it is good , it will be considered and accepted. Everyone has their own ideals and perspectives.

Thank you for sharing your perspective but unfortunately I do not agree with you on that.

how can u get a guy that u love to notice u?!?! this same guy barely knows i exist but i know him so well…i cry about him all the time…i always dream about him…what is a gurl to do in these situations???? can u please help?!?! thanks

Laura1318: Aaaw! Shucks! He cannot see you . He must be blind ! You will need to parachute into his world and be more visual and remove those scales from his eyes. Have a total makeover and change your hairstyles and clothes. Men are visual creatures. You need to be near where he hangs out with his friends and that way you will accidentally meet each other and strike up a friendship first. When you meet him flash him your best smile and say something to break the ice.

If he is into you , he will come after you . If not, treat it as a fantasy and in time you will see another new target and forget about him.

You can Google that question for more detail answers or more tips. Wish you all the luck !

i have been married for over a year to my husband. we have a great sex life and he tells me that i am doing everything right. but when i leave he gets on the comp and looks at naked women or porn videos and gets him self off. when i found out that he was doing this he got all pissed off and wanted a divorce. i dont have a problem with jacking off but a problem with him jacking off to naked women other than me his own wife. i ask him why he tells me its because he wants to and thats all there is to it. my question is why do men do this?

Laura1318;- I am very sorry for what you are going through at the moment. My empathies to you .There is a great difference between men and women , even though we maybe brought up in the same environment.They don’t think alike and see things differently.

A man move by sight and a women by feelings.A man is a highly sex creature and thinks of sex every few minutes or when his brain is turned on by the sight of a pretty, sexy and hot woman,whether it is a real women or a virtual women , it does not matter.

It is his male hormones, testosterones which makes him feel the sexual urges . Too much raging hormones can make him want sex often and if he does not get enough, he would go jack it off.

To do that , he will need some virtual stimulations and most of them will look at pictures of naked women or porn on the pc.It has got nothing to do with you or whether he is comparing you with those sluts.It is just something he enjoys as a man .

You have to accept his answers and lay it to rest. You should not personalize and ask why or whats wrong ?There is nothing wrong to a man to do that . It is normal for most men . Before he married you , he was doing that all along since puberty and sometimes this habit is difficult to stop.

Some women cannot accept this practice and thinks indirectly there is something wrong with them. You should understand that men do not think that way. He is a man and thinks or see it from another perspective.

Two people may not see the same thing with the same perspective. You need to accept his perspective and let it go and move on with your life.

Sometimes, the men prefer to jack it off and they just want a quickie to release the sexual tensions. Married man do masturbate even though they have normal sex with their wife.When the wife is unavailable, they just do it.

I have written a post on this topic ,Here

You can go to the Dear Cupid site and type in ‘pornography’ and you can read the two sides of the argument.

It is no big deal for a man to do that but for many women , this comes across as cheating or infidelity. They feel inferior or lose their confidence and self esteemed because the men prefer those virtual women.
His actions has got nothing to do with you and those pictures are just virtual stimulations and nothing more.

You could share your feelings with him but the way he told you off, does not look like he is willing to listen.If he loves you and does his husband duties, then you should just ignore this activity of his.Some women may consider breaking it off because of this and it is unfortunate because no one is perfect.

If he is willing to listen , he would not do it openly .Before marriage , open both eyes, after marriage close an eye.
Would you prefer him to have sex with another real woman?
Tolerance and understanding is the key here to your happiness and wellbeing.

This is only my personal opinions , others may differ.

There are some good answers on this link;-

if the wife is pleasing her man the way he wants then why is it that he feels the need to jack off to other women.

Laura1318: There could be many reasons but I think some men like varieties and it boost their male ego’s when other women want them. I do not condone such actions but when men meet such women who are known as piranhas , they don’t stand a chance.They failed this beauty test.They are only human.

Erm.. is this a sex awareness website? if so why arent there much on STD?

Laura1318;- Sorry , this is just my personal blog only and it is not solely a sex awareness blog. It is about a little of everything in life as I see it.
You may Google ‘STD’ and find there are plenty of info’s online.

i am divorced and have gone through extensive amount of family court. i have learned exwife was arrested for 2nd degree murder at a young age and her whole family are thiefs and identity scams. for many reasons there is reason to believe that the son may not be mine and reasons to believe that the daughter is pretty sure she is mine . if i was to have a dna test sent in about the boy and found that the results were that he was not mine . what are pros and cons of telling the boy that i am not his father. is it very damaging to him or would it be more so if i did not, not considering the pay back of money and the dishonesty that this would involve to me
please respond a.s.a.p.

Laura1318; Hi Tim! Would you like me to post your question on the Dear Cupid site where you can get more response to your query or would you like to post it there yourself?

Firstly, I would like to say that this is my own personal opinions only and not any legal advise or binding.

If you highly suspect that your son is not yours, you can send him for a DNA test of paternity.

My empathies to your problems.

I think after all those court battles, you have a right to tell the boy the truth about the situation. I don’t know how old he is or whether he is able to grasp the actual situation.

I don’t think it is damaging to him if he is a minor as he will not be able to grasp the real situation.Be honest with him but you can still treat him as a son if you wanted or circumstances permit it.

I hope you can resolve your problems with your ex amicably and create a conducive environment for your daughter and him to grow up in.

Thank you for your post. I hope this helps.

what are some lies that your best friends told you that really hurt your feelings?

Laura1318;- I am more of a recluse and I cannot think of any .Maybe, others may chip in and tell .

Where’s our Laura1318 to answer the question? Becoz, akash’s quest(ion) remains there unanswered.

Normally we all’ll have our own questions. The best answer comes the day we find our own answers. That’s the way. Till then we have to beat around the bushes.

I agree with your wise sayings.
Sorry I could not answer that question. I am on leave from blogging as I am concentrating on the Dear Cupid site.

i have very serious problem ………when i was just 15 started masterbution and that was not of high freqency …
when i was 17 i suffered with first night fall.. and because of lack of knowledge i dint do handshake since 2 year but night fall werw regular . and my body becoming weak and more weak … eyes goes very down . always looks sad because of tired eyes ……
what should i do now … i cant live healthy life because of these problems


I am very sorry for the belated reply.
I emphatise with you and I am sorry there is not much I can help you.
You should seek medical help for your conditions.
If you have any future questions ,please go to the Dear Cupid site.

Thank you.

that is true laura

jade every one dosent want to no about that !!
y do u shave ????

Why should you shave down there if sex is so good? Well I mean sex is good so why should we shave?


Laura1318; If you think it is O.K. with it, no problems.If you don’t mind getting those hairs in your mouth and gagged in your throat. Have you tried shaving? If you don’t like shaving, maybe a trim will be O.K.

my breast is normal but breast is not tiet give some suggestion how i lift up my breast and how muscles is tiet.

Laura1318; The fast way is breast augmentations , the slow way is exercise ,pushed ups and weight training of the pectoral muscles. You may try those bust firming creams but I doubt if it will be effective.This is just a comment only and not a professional advice.

My son is complaining that suddenly he sees that the images a gone too far. After riubbing his eyes it is ok.

I dont know what to do.

Please help me

Laura1318;Does he play those video or PC games for too long ?It may temporary affect his eyesights after looking at the screen for too long. You can take him to the optometrist or optician to have his eyes checked.If he still complains , then take him to an eye specialist .
This is not a professional advice. Consult an eye specialist if he complains often.

is it possible to link exchange?

Laura1318:Anyone can link to my site.There is no need to ask for permissions.Have a good day !

why 1318?

Laura1318; The name Laura10 or Laura was unavailable….1318 = yat sang yat fatt =one lives and prosperous..LOL!

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