Father Takes Own Life And Daughter But Son Live.

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You brought them into this world and they were like precious jewels and you give them all your love, attentions and sacrifices to see them grow up. You as a parent would do anything to see them grow up even if you have to go hungry yourself .There is no shame being poor.

You would do anything for your children. Surely getting two meals a day is not beyond your ability. Even if you have to beg to survive, you would do it for the sake of your children. They are very precious .You would even die if you have no choice, so that they may live.

Why do some fathers or mothers  take it out on their kids?

They have walked to the end of the road and found no other way. Death to them seemed the only way to escape from their predicaments. Your kids should be your sole reason why you must battle on with life and not give up easily.

A 35-year-old stabbed himself before plunging the fruit knife into his 12-year-old son and 8 year old daughter but his son escaped and survived. The divorced man was said to be broke after his electrical goods business failed. Failure is just a temporary setback. He should have sought help. I weep for the poor innocent girl. Her life snuffed out and it is a great tragedy.

If any parents cannot take care of their children, do not take them with you .Give them a chance to live. Your children’s future will be taken care by your relative or state organizations or some good Samaritans.

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