Why Some People View Christians As Hypocrites?

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There are hypocrites in every religion and among the people of the world .Mention other religions , the term hypocrite seldom crop up as much as when the word Christian or Christianity is mentioned. 

Why is Christianity associated with that word? Is it because Christianity is actively being evangelize more than other religions.It is being spread widely by its believers,recent converts who are on fire for God and are like some loose cannons.A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

A hypocrite is a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess.

Just look around us, why non Christians are right in thinking that Christians are hypocrites. They see their Christian friends going to church on every Sunday and that’s the only time they are holy .

They then go back to the sinful world and live their worldly life.They maybe Christians in name sake only for they preached to others about God but their lifestyle does not reflect their Christain faith and values. They cheat and lie and take advantage of others just like before they became Christians.

Being a Christian to them is just like joining  a social club where you go and meet others or look for a partner and enjoy the food and drinks after mass.

I find that most of the Christians are like sheeps who depend on their pastors for their spiritual growth and maturity.

Most of them are like babies in the spiritual realm , they think the pastor who is a man of God is always right and do not question the pastor and many just follow blindly what is being thought by him.They treat every words that comes out of the pastors mouth as the gospel truth .Such is the power of religion .For even highly educated men can bend to the will of those pastors. It is like a one eye man leading all the blinds.

If you dont agree with the pastor or the elders in the church , you are made not to feel welcome anymore.They only want those meek sheeps who dont question their authority . They demand total submissions from their flocks.In some churches ,it is run like a fiefdom.They make their own rules and controls even every aspect of their believers life.

There are Christians who preached and have faith but have no works. They are great preachers only.

 They can quote scriptures after scriptures from the Bible to back their claims and show that they are right but what good will that do when you have no love for your fellow human beings. Thou are more holier than those people beneath you,for you think you have no sin or sin less than others.

Did not Jesus came for the sick ,the infirmed and the ‘pariah’s ‘of that soceity like the tax collector Matthew who became one of His great disciple.Tax collectors were the lowest class in that soceity at that time

It is easy to preach to others but when the same thing happens to them,they too succumbed to the temptations because they too are made from flesh and blood.

Not all Christians are hypocrites ,just as not all people are hypocrites.There are the good Christians but the Christian name has been dragged down by some groups who are radical in thoughts  or hardliners ,who issued statements condemning others and their way of life .They cannot accept others interpretations or beliefs and only those who follow their beliefs are the true followers.

We are all children of God and we all stand before Him in the final judgement.Only He will judge everyone of us..Who am I to judge my Christian brothers and sisters. I only work for the good of mankind .How or what others do is none of my business.God did not appoint me to be the custodian of your souls…


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6 Responses to “Why Some People View Christians As Hypocrites?”

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And any scorn directed at us, and our bearing it, glorifies us as it did Paul. When it happens to me, which admittedly isn’t often enough, I can feel that invisible microeconomy; as it were, the Wind that strips the trees bear and gives all surroundings a new outlook. Strange but almost tangible, and altogether marvelous. Glad you put up with the wordy riffing, and thank you for the compliment. Look forward to more of your explorations. Beat the Devil.

Hi Hugo,

I must thank you profusely for such a wise ,informative and a great write up from you.I appreciate your time and effort into writing this lovely , beautiful and awe inspiring post.

You have added so much depth and dimensions to this issue.I find that I am inclined to agree with what you have postulated with your amazing and exquisite English.

Hypocracy is the scourge of Christianity eversince the old Testament times when the Pharisees imposed many man made laws purported to come from God on the people.They increased the people’s burdens instead of lightening them. God send His only son Jesus to clean up their acts.

Today , there is a parallel soceity like the Pharisee’s who imposed their visions on everyone.You are condemned and branded heretics for not toeing their line.

Pax Christi,


Hi Laura. May I make some quick observations that might go toward answering your important question? I get to stay anonymous here, so I’m going to fling it out and run the risk of sounding like an insufferable wise guy.

First let me point out that a convenient example of the labeling of Christians as “hypocrites” may be found in an exceedingly ignorant and unctuously vile neighboring blog string entitled “A Tale of Two Evangelicals”, which in its neo-pagan way cheers for the evident demise of (at least American) Christianity.

Secular materialists such as the aforementioned bloggers seldom recognize themselves as dogmatists who hew to a worldview that is at least as metaphysically speculative as Judaism or Christianity. Some of them come by their materialist worldview honestly, simply because they were, unfortunately, born in a modernist, post-Christian period for the West. Others adopt the godless worldview in flight from a seemingly paternalistic Church that to them represents not freedom but constraint of their perceived pursuit of happiness. They’re stuck in adolescence, bucking any authority that would have them eat their vegetables and mind their manners and finish their history lesson and go to church and keep their knickers on. “Hypocrite” is of course one of their defenses in this regard.

Because very few of them know even as much about Christianity as even a typically educated Muslim would know, they don’t understand that the English language they’re using largely derives from the Biblical languages, used in Biblical contexts. Little could they suspect that even our homeliest idiomatic terms very often are drawn verbatim from the Scriptures; for example, the (ostensibly) slang expression “scum of the Earth”, which for them is an epithet but for us a typically paradoxical (they might again say “hypocritical”) Pauline boast of devotional humility. (Helen, your missional observations are beautiful, but please bear in mind that Paul felt free enough in Christ to let it all hang out, warts and all.) So little do they know that words they commonly use are for Christians heavily freighted with a doctrinal meaning, or even with multiple meanings some of which are internally self-contradictory in a way that is characteristically Christian. Scholars believe that words in this last category are rooted in the most ancient few human words.

These words mean what they mean, and also mean something else altogether — and sometimes the exact opposite of the first meaning. Earlier I used the religious word “hew”. You’ll have fun looking it up, not because you don’t already know what it means but because you’ll discover that it also means the exact opposite! Likewise the word “cleave”, derived from the word used in the Judgment of Solomon, in which he called for the disputed baby to be cleaved in two. By contrast to that meaning, if I “cleave” to you I am not splitting from you but rather holding close to you, sticking to you like glue, a binding element. “Religion”, from the Latin “religio”, means binding element, or glue.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that the secular critics of Christian “hypocrites” have no idea (a) that they’re using a word they inherited from the Bible; that (b) Jesus himself used the word severely, usually together with slang intensifiers such as “vipers” and “serpentine”; and that Jesus himself violently attacked the hypocrisy of sacrificial religion, and came to a rather nasty end as a result. At the same time, because “hypocrisy” also has a positive meaning unique to Christianity, it would shock most people to know that the Naz too could righteously be called a kind of “good hypocrite”. Before I myself get crucified for this, please let me exlplain.

The word comes from the greek “hypo”, to lessen, and “krise”, or crisis. It means to lessen the crisis by using the same means that generated it. When the King of Kings made his triumphant return to the sacred city, there he found Hebrew observance at the brink of a krise or crisis caused by the continual escalation of sacrificial Temple violence. The animal blood from the Holy of Holies ran into the streets and down the slopes of the Temple Mount. In the Gospel accounts he took the ghastly sight quite personally, because it was a glimpse of his own sacrificial murder by means of the same bloody sacrificial system.

But Jesus became angry for an additional reason: the hypocrisy that sickeningly compounded the ugly violence that violated God’s house and undermined the Divine Will and belied the Divine Love that Jesus had brought in his gift. So Jesus’ violent scourging of the Temple is not a direct attack on the bloodletting itself, but rather on the moneychangers and sellers of pigeons. Why? Well, it has everything to do with his special contempt for hypocrisy. I’ll cut a long analysis short by saying that the purpose of the Temple system was to propitiate God’s perceived violence with human sacrifice represented by the stand-ins, kosher animals. The animal sacrifice was a covering, a buffer between the worshipper and his guilty participation in human sacrifice. So the animals were buffering substitutes for human candidates, and since the animals were sold for coins, the coins were substitutions for the animals that were substitutions for humans. That make two hypocritical buffers so far. And as you’ll recall, there’s one more step. The coins themselves were local money exchanged — and therefore, importantly, substituted — for foreign coins brought to Jerusalem by pilgrims from far-off places. Another substitution, another buffer, another hypocrisy. Do you see? Profane violence perpetrated in God’s house and made continually worse by hypocrisy upon hypocrisy upon hypocrisy. In attacking this system, Jesus was attacking the hypocrisy that dishonored his Father and was soon to kill him. His means of attack was violent, and the death he invited thereby was to be especially violent. In both cases, he used “good violence” to defeat “bad violence”, and in both cases he lessened the irreligious crisis of God’s wayward people. He committed, literally, good hypo-krise.

So you might ponder this wordy posting the next time you are confronted with Christians who “present” Christianity in a bad or false light and thereby invite the charge of Christianity. But more importantly, remember that none of us is certainly a Christian, though many of us are aspiring ones, and Christianity, unlike man’s law, does not conceive of the oxymoron “false light” or even “bad light”. There is only The Light.

Finally, Christian faith has continued to endure long after Christendom itself began its death throes, as predicted in the arc of the narrative of the Book of Acts: from the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem to the home church in Rome. Even those of us who strive for His sake are sinful silly creatures, but by God’s Grace and his Son’s stripes we were healed before we were born, and nothing that we in our backsliding hypocrisy and sin can do could possibly slow the Coming. For the Spirit goes wheresoever it pleases, and even Satan himself cannot prevail against the Kingdom we serve. So proceed in confidence. The unbelievers may not care to tell us apart, but we are distinguished in His eyes by our alienation from sanctimonious latter-day Pharisees and from those who would label them, or us, with words of whose ancient meanings they are wholly ignorant.

Sorry this is so long.

Pax Christi,


Fantastic words laura. You are so right. Unfortunately there are so many that tarnish the name of Christianity and present it in a light it shouldn’t be.

Laura1318 : Thanks evangelines for your comments.There are people who holds the views that there is only one interpretations , theirs only , period!They speak like they and only they are the sole authority on this Earth.Even those apostles made mistakes and were corrected by God.

You are right. That is why I cannot stress enough evangelism is not a one time event. It’s not like you can set a date on a certain day and just preach the gospel to who and who.

Evangelism or I should say effective evangelism should be a lifelong process using your own lifestyle as a testimony. Testifying with mere words are just cheap. 🙂

Laura1318 ; Thanks Helen for your views. Faith without works is dead.They should focus more on the positive aspects and not the negative which turns most people off.Religion is not about the do’s and the dont’s .God will correct and show those who are wrong.I leave it to God to change a person for we cannot do that.We can only pray for them.

I’d suggest that people view Christians as hypocrites because they (1) understand history, or (2) read the news. What other possible interpretation of the discrepancy between the sanctimonious and the immoral is possible?


Laura1318: Thanks for your views. Everyone is entittled to their own opinions.Right or wrong is another matter.

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