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Thai LadyBoys – Katoey’s

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Kathoeys on the stage of a cabaret show.

Pattaya: Kathoeys on the stage of a cabaret show.

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If you ever go on a tour to Thailand, your itinerary will include the famous side shows by those Katoey’s or ladyboys. They wear very revealing dresses showing their ample silicone breasts while they sing and dance in their performance.

Their perfect measurements and their beauty are the envy of many real women. The men and the women are hypnotized and stare in awe .

If you have never heard or know about such people, they are the famous transsexuals or transvestites of Thailand. In Malaysia, they are known as ‘maknyah’s’ or the derogatory term ‘Pondan’ or ‘She-males’ in the West.

They are exceptionally beautiful and captivating and more beautiful than the real girls of Thailand.There are two types of transgenders. Those who went for the complete sex change while the other still retain their male organs. In certain places , this half man ,half woman is preferred  over the complete woman.

The former group is more beautiful because of the sex change and their body is no more producing the male hormones. Sometimes, you cannot differentiate them from the girls when they have the sex changed operation.

Transsexuals or transgender are those who think they are a woman born in a man’s body, while a transvestite is a man who likes to dress up like a woman.

Some of them are genuine transsexuals, or people born with female psyches in male bodies unlike those who have a fetish for cross dressing.

In Thailand, they are accepted by their society as the third sex and are not discriminated upon. Many Thai transvestite males tend to be androgynous – small-boned, smooth, naturally graceful  and quite hairless.

Most of those lady boys go for the boob job. They either take those female hormones or have monthly injections. Some of them may develop boobs after continuously taking those female hormones for sometime. They need to take those female hormones as their body cannot produce them or in too limited amounts.

Nong Tum is perhaps the most internationally recognised Kathoey for her portrayal in the film Beautiful Boxer.

Nong Tum is perhaps the most internationally recognised Kathoey for her portrayal in the film Beautiful Boxer.


One of the country’s most famous ladyboys is Nong Toom, who went from champion Thai kick boxer to being a transsexual.

Another movie, Saitree Lex, was made about the true story of a ladyboy volleyball team known as the ‘Iron Ladies’ won the national championships in 1996 against the odds .

In most societies, we tend to look down on them as something  unusual or unacceptable to the norm. Society at large have misgivings and bias views of them. Such people maybe ridiculed and scorned for their appearance .

These people could not help it as they were born that way .It is not that they do not want to be seen as as a man but the feelings that they are a woman born in a man’s body is very strong .

It is hard to explain why they want to be a woman. There could be many factors and she feels that right or wrong, she needs to live her life as a woman and be happy and no one can stop her.


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The Legal Pitfalls Of DIY Sperm Donors.

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A firefighter from Enfield who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is being made to pay child support. Further more, he has no legal rights whatsoever over the child. He agreed to help them after they assured him he would have no involvement in the children’s upbringing and no financial commitment. Agreeing without a contract or a very badly and vague contract can still land you into troubles. This is a very sad case.

Donating sperm to childless couples is not as simple as it seems. There are legal complications if you do not do it the right way. The women may not want to sue you for child maintenance but sometimes she has no choice as circumstances may force her to do it.

If you are thinking of donating your sperm to help childless couples or lesbian couples, make sure you do it the right way. Otherwise, you can be sued for the child’s maintenance.

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The women replies why he must pay …

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Nuyou “Men We Love” 2007 title.

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 Nuyou is SPH’s leading Chinese language women’s magazine, 25 eligible men took part and 25 –year-old Edward Ng, an art director won the title. Congratulations to him.

They were judged not just on looks but on personality , well balanced life , stable , family oriented  and non –commitment phobic men  and other desirable qualities.

There is no much information about the winner. For a 25 year old man, he will have youth on his side but not experience and maturity. For many 25 year old men, they are just becoming a worldly man. Some are still boys. They are fresh out of the oven and having 2 or 3 years working experience. They have a long way to go .

For those single, middle aged and richer women, men like them are a hit .These men can provide them the zest which is missing from older men. These women who look for toy boys are known as cougars. This kind of relationship will not last as the men will only go for their money or until they find a girlfriend..

All men need to be domesticated as they are like wild horses…

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How To Ask A Girl Out?

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Men are clueless when asking the girl they like to go out on a date.They do not find out if their target is available or what kind of target they are aiming at.

They simply enter the dark room and start shooting, hoping to hit a random target. This best describe a man who simply approaches a girl or a new acquaintance and asking her out. The men just want to try their luck, hoping to strike gold on the first attempt or first prize in the lottery.

Some girls may like blind dates but the majority will be cautious and will want to know more about you before they will agree to your invitations. It is simply precautions because she does not want to date a rapist or a felon.

If he is very handsome and charming and looks like Beckham or Brad Pitt and drives a big flashy car, chances are the girls will accept his invitations. But with today’s horror stories of girls being kidnapped and sold as white slaves, many girls are playing it safe.

Before you want to invite her out, you need to let her know you first. Talk to her or communicate with her and she can feel you out if you have any bad intentions on her or not.

This also gives you the chance to know if she is freehold land, attached properties, damaged goods or psycho nut case. You don’t have to waste your bullets when she is not the target .Go look for another target.

You will also have to feel her out if she has any interest in you. If she has no interest and is like an icy goddess, then you can forget about her. You need to find out what is her interest and chances are better if you asked her out .

If you asked her out for an activity which she has no interest ,you will surely fail . If you know her through her friends , then it is easier to ask her out.

Women reject men because of many reasons.

1) She does not know you enough.

2) You are not her type.

3) You are a geek.

4) She just came out of a bad relationship.

5) She is a psycho case.

6) She is already taken.

7) You don’t have the goods.

8) She is not ready for any relationship.

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Should Men Cry?

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Is it appropriate for men to cry? Men do cry because they are also human and made of blood ,bones and flesh. They have feelings too.It is good to cry sometimes but many men can count the number of times they have cried in their life’s..LOL!

Some men think that it O.K to show their sensitive side by crying in front of their g/f. when they have arguments or differences.They have been mislead or misinformed .

Crying is not being sensitive. Crying only makes you appear to be weak, emotional, needy and unstable. A man need to show his confidence and ability to handle every issues.

To be sensitive to a woman is to be sensitive to her moods. To flow with her thoughts and actions. To feel what she feels and to give her the antidote that will make her feel better. That is being sensitive. It is pandering or indulging them when they have moods.

A woman’s moods can suddenly changes directions. If you can feel the swing in the tides, then you are a sensitive man. In tuned or having the same frequency or wavelength as your g/f. If not, then you will have to polished up your weather forecasting skills..LOL!

Men should not cry unless it is a major disaster or the loss of some one very dear to them. Men should not cry like a woman. Crying should be involuntary and not because you want to cry.

You cannot help it as you become too emotional and the tears start to flow. Your eyes become misty and wet with those tears .Sometimes watching very sad movies can bring tears to the eyes too.

Women do not respect men who cry like a cry baby or cry like a women. You will appear to be too soft like a woman and not manly enough. She is seeking a strong man who can protect her and be a rock. When a man cry, you only demean yourself in front of her.

Some men may think that it is appropriate to cry as the men expresses his emotions outwardly rather then bottling them inside.

Not all women may think the same. Though a woman may not want to tell you the real truth, it is a fact that you have lowered your standards in their eyes. The God they idolize and worship have feet of clay.

I recalled that day when the pastor of my church asked us to come forward to be prayed. I was slain by the spirit and while I was lying on the floor, I received God’s touch and the tears flowed and I cried uncontrollably like a big baby.

God healed all my pains and hurt that was bottled inside of me and that was my first and last experience of crying in the public. I did feel much better after that.Thanks God.

Yeah! Real men do cry but they cry for the right reasons. If you watch football, you can see 12 grown up men crying when they lose the championship. When one cry , it becomes contagious and everyone follows.

“Modern men are still generally ashamed to cry in public, except in exceptional circumstances.

You can read a Christian poem here ,’ A man who cries is a wise man,’


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She Is Interested In You ?

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Many men fear rejection by women. To be rejected by women is the worst torture and insult for men. Their ego is bruised and busted and it makes them feel like a little good for nothing boy.

All their experiences and knowledge gained through out their years become ‘zilch!’ They become like the proverbial story of the sly fox with the sour grapes.

When they see a target, they have very high hopes and are ecstatic and euphoric about the prospect of landing a beautiful catch and making her his g/f and then finally his wife.

He dreams of her every minute of his waking and freaking life.
But somehow or rather his bravery deserts him and he cannot get near to the girl of his dreams. He is afraid of saying the wrong things or doing the wrong things and then his dreams may end or fade into oblivion..LOL!

That is why, he has to weigh the pros and the con’s carefully as he does not have many bullets to fire. All his bullets must count or strike their targets or he will be dead.

If he is handsome, charming and loaded, then getting his target is as easy as a pie. The girls will fall at his feet.. For most of the ordinary and plain guys, they will have to put out their snake tongues into the air to collect the information’s emitted by those preys.

For any relationship to develop, they must have chemistry to sizzle otherwise you are just one of those also runs . Better to go play your PC games and lives in your virtual world.
These men would place the women under a giant microscope to detect if she has any latent interest in them.

If it is as easy as they think, to read a women’s heart, there would not be so many frustrated and malcontented souls wandering like lost ghost..LOL!

However, the quest for love is not for the faint hearted. You need to have nerves of steel and a face that can stand being hit with all kinds of stuffs. The Malays and the Indians don’t know or care about ‘face’.

The Chinese worry too much about losing face. That’s why they seldom get their girls.The other races having a thicker facial face. You need to put on a new face and a new you each time you are with her.

Sometimes, women may not be aware that they are giving away secret body signals when they are interested in you. Just open your eyes wide to observe.

When she is interested in you, you will bump into each other more often in your life . It could be fated or that fate was manipulated by her. She wants you to take notice of her and an open invitation for you to come onboard , but most men are oblivious .For their eyes are on another target.

She is more talkative when you are around. When a girl likes you , she will chit chatter away. She does not do that to others .She will be curt and no nonsense with others.

Her eyes will be continually starring into yours to detect any hints of response from you. .She would steal glances at you when you are not looking at her. She would also come very close to you when speaking and hoping to accidentally touched you and her strong current would jump across the divide and spark your motor..LOL!

She would joke and laugh a lot with you.You can feel the atmosphere being charged with all those bolts of lightning flying zip zapping across the narrow space between you and her.

She would give her contact particulars when asked. Her contact numbers and when she responds in an affirmative manner would indicate her interest in you.

If she makes time for you, then you have one foot at her door. She may give you some small treats like foodstuff or things from her travels. She is thoughtful and thinks of you.

She would ask questions about you or curious to know more about you and your interest so that she can bond better with you. If suddenly, she has the same hobby as you, then your chances are very bright.

You can feel it when she likes you. Feel and think with your heart.. You should not be clueless anymore. If she is the girl for you, you will have a smooth and comfortable journey.

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How do you know if a girl likes you or not ?

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Are You A Metrosexual ?

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Think of a metrosexual man, think of the famous former M.U footballer , David Beckham.Others are Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Hugh Grant..etc.They come into your mind, for they represents the new age men as the papers want us to believe in .

Becks is famous for wearing the ‘sarongs’, pink nail polish and panties belonging to his wife. Speaking of women’s panties,they are really a soft and comfy wear.If women can wear pants, I don’t see why men cannot wear the panties..LOL! Maybe, they used another name to describe it as manties to make it more manly.

They know how to groom and use beauty products and drapes in fashionable clothes. They are taking a greater interest in their appearance. They go to hairdressers rather than barbers; avoid using soap but use facial cleansers, scrubs and toners,visit the gym and even have difficulty deciding what to wear.They are spoilt for choice like those women. They have many pairs of shoes and carries men bag.

They constantly look in the mirrors to check their appearances, frequent boutiques for the latest fashion trends.

They are in touched with their feminine side and have a flair for cooking , well versed in communicative skills , especially on women’s topics and a hit with the ladies.

A metrosexual is a sensitive man , chic and much cultured . Others called them feminised men.They are even more knowledgeable than the women on women’s topics.

Will you choose a metrosexual man ? His beauty products will occupy half of your space or more and he maybe a better women than you are…LOL!

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