Detox Diets All Nonsense!

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Don’t waste your money and time on expensive detox diets according to a British scientist. Drink ordinary tap water, a little exercise and eat some sensible home cooked food will get you up in shape. It sounds so simple. LOL! People don’t want to be simple and need to pay alot of money to detox because they think this is the better way.

Some people drink it straight from the tap while I prefer to boil them first to get rid of the lime deposits. The white crystalline substance you will find in your pot or container. My place has a lot of limestone hills and the water is hard. No filter can remove those lime dissolve in the water except by boiling. If you drink without boiling it, you may get stones in your gall bladder or kidneys, when you don’t drink enough water.

Dr Andrew Wadge, chief scientist with the Food Standards Agency, advised people against paying through the nose for expensive detox packages and supplements. Those advertisers would pay those famous stars to advertise their detox diets.He is backed up by Jacqui Lowdon, of the British Dietetic Association, said most detox supplements are pointless. We have our livers and kidneys which can detox our body.

We need to watch what we eat as a lot of the food can cause cancer, diabetes, hypertensions and heart attacks if eaten in a long run. These days, I eat more Parsley , the vege you use for garnishing and seasoning soups. They should be eaten raw.

I read that it is a good antioxidant and can remove heavy metals in our body. Children do not like this vege because it has a peculiar flavour.Some do not like it because it may smell like chicken shit. LOL!

We should eat more vege preferably uncooked , fruits , fibers and less on fats and sugar which is bad for our bodies. Drink lots of green tea. It can also detox our body.

Want to look beautiful ,young and radiant? Then you need to eat the right kind food .When you take the right kind of food, your detox system will not have to work that hard.

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