Big Men Dont Cry?

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It is not easy for a man to express his emotions like a woman.He has been brought up that way  and crying is sissy.

If he cries too often , he would be a cry baby. A man seldom cry unless he is really very hurt  and powerless to do anything . Even then , he would not want to cry infront of his mate.

Some women may think a man who cry is an emotional man and have feelings but not all women think in that way. A woman expects her man to be strong and she can lean on him when she is weak.

She looks up to him  for his strength. A crying man paint  a pitiful and sorrowful picture. He may lose her respect and  she may feel disgusted at his weakness  when her love for him is at a very low ebb.  Women loves a sure, confidant and strong  man.

A woman tells her man ,he ought  to share his problems or his feelings with her.Sharing with her only creates more problems for both of them.

She has so many things to worry about  without adding on those extra big problems  ,when those problems are just molehills and not big mountains.

She has the tendency to make those problems appear very big and insurmountable. She continues to worry about the problem while he feels nonchalant and continue to do his daily chores  like nothing happened.

That’s why most men do not want to share their problems with their wives. Better they themselves  carry the weight alone than to see their mate suffer in anguish and wallow in the pool of worries.

The women may think he does not love her but infact this is men’s language of love , to shield her from those problems and anxieties.She cannot do much except to only give some understandings and moral support.She worries too much and may not eat or sleep well.

You may share only your minor problems with her .Be a man and spare her those major problems.

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