How To keep Your Man Happy ?

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Psychologist Dr Judith Meyerowitz believes that women should start treating their husbands like their pet dogs if it is a happier marriage they are after.

Before you want to marry, you should learn how to keep a pet dog first. After you have obtained the necessary skills, then you can graduate from the dog to the man.

It involves the same skills to keep him happy. It does not require much skill because those dogs are just simple creatures and if you treat them nice, you will get much pleasure from them. Just use your common sense and keep a spare bone handy when he becomes grouchy.

You should not always chain the dog or keep him locked up in his kennel or doghouse. He needs to have some freedom to exercise and do his own things.

You may not like what he is doing but the dog enjoys his own activities even if it appears to you to be silly. He may like going out with his friends, watch some porn, ogled at some other bitches, or whined about everything or anything in life.

Dogs do not know how to keep a neat and tidy place. They will mess all around and prefer it that way. There are certain places where you should not touch and just leave it as they were or you would incur their wrath.

They are not bothered by the aesthetics but by the convenience of where they can find their things at easy reach, and not hiding it out of sight.

They have a single-track mind, half of that mind is filled with trash and porn, and this caused them poor memories. Give them some leeway here and when they are happy, you will be happy too.

Dogs are brought up to think that food only comes from the female hands. They expect you to cook and care for them like their mothers.
Liberated dogs have better understandings and share the chores.

Those stay at home dogs are more chauvinistic and do not venture there except to expect their foods on a platter. They deemed it as their rights.

After you have learned those living skills, you need to make some adjustments because real dogs can be more fun than those pseudo dogs
The real dogs have no problems expressing their affections in public.

They may miss you when you are gone and would immediately rush to the door to give you a few licks and rub their bodies against your feet.

They do not play mind games with you or feel guilty when they did wrong. When they kiss you, they really meant it.

Finally, you can train the real dogs unlike those old dogs that cannot learn new tricks.

If you want to be happy with your man, treat him like a dog but do not expect too much from him in return. He may have ingratitude..LOL!

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